Just when you thought Britney could sink no lower...

She drives with her baby on her lap

Of course, she blames the paparazzi.

I really don’t give a rooty-toot what she does to herself or her useless hubby, but come on, at least try to follow some guidelines for your child safety!

I was going to pit this, but I just couldn’t get up the nastiness.

I can sympathize with her on this one. Seems like “fight or flight” kicked in. She had a seat for the baby, as the article says she took the baby out of it. She felt the need to escape the situation immediately and did so.

That’s “Pavarottis.”

Get it straight.

I thought Pavarotti was trying to quit eating babies!

Unfortunately, though, if you look at it more closely, her story reeks of cover-your-ass bullshit. Her window was partly down, her bodyguard looked bored as he talked on his cellphone next to her, and she was seen smiling in one of the pictures. IOW, she doesn’t look the least bit disturbed by anything.

Also, there were no photographers caught in the pictures (coming up to the windows, etc), so the big swarm that “frightened” her is an obvious lie. The paparazzi say they never left their own cars, and that seems to be backed up by the photos and by the sequence of events. Since she never left the vehicle herself (her bodyguard went in for the coffee while she got Sean out and sat him on her lap) there would have been no reason for them to get out to try to approach her more closely, or to potentially lose sight of her if they walked up and she drove off.

Also, she may have done this before.

Yeah, I’ve been watching this trainwreck unfold. It’s just pathetic.

Well, Jeez, not cold turkey. He’s tapering off and he’s down to two or three a day.

I’ll ask the same thing that I’ve asked everyone else that I’ve encountered that is getting their panties in a twist over this: what punishment should she face?

A wake up call? (I think she’s got that) A warning? A ticket? Parenting classes? Have her kid taken away because she is clearly a terrible mother (I mean, clearly)?

She did something dumb. There’s really no excuse for her actions- they were wrong and put her baby in danger. That said, she’s a young, first time mom and she’s going to make mistakes.

If she does it again? Well then she’s just dumb.

30 years ago noone would’ve batted an eye at this, but yeah, she’s an idiot; this is just another reminder.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

She succeeded in getting the media attention that generates record sales that generates media attention that keeps her in the public eye that keeps her in her mansions, jets, and bling. People are so easily manipulated–especially by ditzy young women.

Sadly, the truth is that while we can sit here inflamed over het stupidity, to her target audience this means nothing. No, less than nothing. Her fans and true believers swallow up every drop of what she says. They see the evil mean photographers that just won’t let Brit and the baby alone, and completely sympathize. Right now, every pubescent Brit-freak is nodding their heads and saying they’d do the same thing in her shoes.

Yeah. I remember bounding all over the car when I was a kid. We thought nothing of it. Doesn’t mean it was rihgt, but everyone did it.

One thing we have now is air bags, and that makes things way more dangerous for kids. Even a small tap can set it off, which will kill a baby in that position.

Rather than jumping in on the Britney-bashing here (even though I can’t stand her), I wonder how many other people have been warned/ticketed/arrested for doing the same thing. I see this all the time in the DC area with overcrowded cars with kids standing up, or women in front passenger seats holding babies in their laps (though I’ve never seen a driver do this).

Just another case of hitting the easy target instead of addressing what is a more widespread problem.

I’ve read suggestions that perhaps she did it on purpose, because she’s so stupid she thought it would look soooo cute for the “pavarottis” to get a picture of her driving with her baby in her lap.

If that kid makes it to age three it’ll be a damned miracle.

On the grand scale of 1 (have your children taken away from you) to 10 (Extraordinarily Perfect Mother), based on this incident alone, I have no reason to bellieve she’s less than a 9.5.


I work in a museum. Recently, we got a donation of magazines that were published locally in the 1950s. One of them contained a section on travel tips, and it showed a new baby safety seat that was supposed to keep a child safe in an accident. It consisted of a platform on which the toddler stood, clutching a metal bar which ran around the edges. The platform itself was hooked to the seat, but the child was in no way restrained, except by its grip on the bar.

I guess it just goes to show that all of those PSAs about car seats for babies really have made an impact. In less than a generation, we have gone from totally unsecured kids -and-not-really-worrying-about-it to discussing whether or not a woman is fit to raise her children if she rides in city streets with a baby on her lap.


Why shouldn’t they? I’m no Britney Spears fan, but there are a lot of musicians I like who are or were complete assholes. What difference does it make if you like what they do? Hell, back in the day, you’d become a rock star just so you could act irresponsibly. Any of Britney’s actions pale besides the way the Stones and Led Zep and the Who acted in the 70’s.

Also, why does anyone besides Spears’ immediate family care about this? If the cops want to give her a ticket, fine. That should be the end of it. And the paparrazzi are assholes. And the nanny state frightens and angers me far more than a pop star’s momentary lapse in judgement.

I think Britney has become a lot more interesting since she got all white trashed up. I can hardly wait till her next fox pass.