Justa Turned my new 4G Samsung Galaxy S3 into a powerful mobile hotspot and it was suprisingly cheap

Just a tech heads up.

The new hotspot plans for Verizon 4G phones give 30 days/one month of hotspot service with unlimited data for 30 dollars. They are completely separate from the phone plans.

What I found out talking to the Verizon rep though is that you can buy the service in increments as little as a day! So if I only need 7 days for a week long trip that’s only $ 7.50. A lot better than being forced to sue a month if you don’t need it.

4G service rocks and my notebook flies using the phones hotspot functionality.

Moving over to MPSIMS.

Or you can root your phone and get it for free, and not pay Verizon extra for uncrippling a device you own.