Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement

Well, this outta start an Epic Shitstorm.

Technically, Donald Junior’s degree is in economics but he’s been learning a lot about the law in the last couple of years.


Looks like el Presidente gets another shot of court-packing

They shouldn’t confirm anyone this close to the mid-term elections. Right? Right…?

Kennedy is moving into Senior status. He’ll still be working behind the scenes. I assume administrative work?

Technicaly, nothing prevents Kennedy from announcing that he’s calling off his retirement, right? (before he actually does leave, that is)

We now have a Kennedy thread in MPSIMS, Elections, Great Debates and the Pit. Can anyone think of an angle for Thread Games or Cafe Society? Is there an old column on Kennedy we could ask a question about in the Comments/Mailbag forum ?

Well, I’d like to know Justice Kennedy’s favorite barbecue techniques. Also his favorite episodes of *NCIS *and *Happy Days. *

I’ve heard Kennedy’s tuna salad is delicious. :wink:

See? Epic Shitstorm! :smiley: