Justin Trudeau [why no resignation?]

Can someone explain why he has not resigned in disgrace?

He’s just not feelin’ it bro.

Maybe he’s taking a cue from all of the American politicians (isn’t it weird that that’s plural?) who have come to declare that blackface is not something to resign over. He’s Canadian, so you knew that he would, at least, apologize.

Politicians generally don’t resign when a small segment of the population hates them with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

That’s just how they roll.

There’s a actual real consideration - he’s running in an election that will be done in 2-3 weeks. He’s the leader of a party that can not simply switch leadership horses in the middle of a 40 day election campaign. I suppose he could publicly state he would resign following the election and allow someone within his party to try and wrangle a house majority. That however would lead to questions of legislative legitimacy for the new government crippling anything they’d care to attempt.

Dead girl/ Live boy has not happened and someone timed it very well that its at the beginning of the election cycle. The only reason that I could see if the lib party wanted to insist on him resigning, was if he was headed into Kim Campbell or Kathline Wynne levels of Election disaster.

Besides, where else is he gonna go and who would even think of hiring him for a board of directors at this time.

For anyone that actually pays attention and cares about the issue of racism - voting for Trudeau through their local Liberal candidate is the most logical action. Only the Liberals or Conservatives have a realistic chance of leading the country this election - the Conservatives are happy to weaponize blackface as a instrument of scandal but if elected will not likely be doing anything meaningful to discourage racism. More likely the opposite based on the positions of many candidates.

America has more governors who have worn blackface than black governors.

Well holy crap! :smack:

Because there’s no reason for him to resign over something silly that he did eighteen years ago, and moreover something that was not even racist in the sense usually associated with blackface. I hardly see dressing up as Aladdin for an Arabian Nights themed party as offensive.

Justin Trudeau is clearly the exact opposite of a racist; he’s pretty much the poster boy for political correctness. At least seven of his Cabinet members are visible minorities, and he also made a point of ensuring that around half of his Cabinet were women. The typical stigma of blackface arising from the American racial context has no relevance here. Those who are spinning this Aladdin “brownface” thing as some kind of “scandal” are mostly the usual Trudeau haters who are doing it purely for political reasons. There are far more actual racists in Scheer’s camp than in Trudeau’s. Just think of some of the loony backbenchers who were emboldened during the Harper years.

I agree. Not every country in the world runs around in hysterics every time something that happened in someone’s impetuous youth comes to light. But we do, because we’re apparently all snowflakes; example numero uno: Al Franken.

Al Franken wasn’t an “impetuous youth” when the alleged events occurred. He was in his 50’s. :dubious:

And Al Franken’s misbehavior wasn’t just dressing up in a racially offensive caricature.

Right, it was “only” groping unwilling women.

I thought there was simply a photo of him miming a grope - from a distance. I guess there were some other more serious accusations.

So you thought one thing but guess a contradictory thing. Thanks for the insight into your brain if nothing else.

Maybe we can just all agree that what Trudeau did does not rise to anywhere near the level of what Franken did, and if you want even more digressions, what Al Franken did doesn’t rise to anywhere near the level of what people like Harvey Weinstein did, who deserve the full consequences that they’re getting.

But back to Trudeau. This whole thing is a tempest in a teapot, and as I said before, is pretty much a non-story largely being promulgated by Trudeau-haters for political purposes. It originally surfaced in American media, where blackface has a more sordid legacy (like Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam allegedly in blackface beside a guy in a KKK robe). But all that Trudeau did, way back in his youth, was dress up as Aladdin for an Arabian Nights themed costume party. Frankly I don’t even think he needed to apologize for it, let alone resign.

And incidentally, one of the reasons some conservatives hate Trudeau is ironically because he’s so politically correct, making sure to have all those dark-skinned minorities and women in his Cabinet, enacting generous immigration policies and personally welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, etc. He’s not a racist, he’s an anti-racist, and so actual racists and xenophobes despise him. There is a palpable hypocrisy when they try to take him down over the “brownface” Aladdin incident.

I understand that in a show of North American unity PM Trudeau and President T-rump are planning a joint resignation in Niagara Falls. No word yet on whether Mexican President Obrador will join them for La Trifecta.

This. Exactly.

It would be a worthy North American sacrifice. No need for the Mexican President to involve himself. I’m assuming barrels will be involved.