K is for Kids, and Kids are for Knott's

’Cause Knott’s gots lots to do!

Anyone remember that Knott’s Berry Farm commercial from the mid-'70s? My new g/f mentioned that she was one of the kids in the commercial, and I was wondering if it’s available online.

I remember that commercial! (I grew up in Ojai, about 90 miles north of LA.)

No idea if it’s online, though.

As it happens, she was in a different Knott’s commercial. I don’t remember that one though.

Dammit, Johnny, how am I going to get that song out of my head now?!?


More SoCal amusement park trivia- my dad marched in the Opening Day parade at Disneyland. Near Walt, in fact. Too frigging cool. I was going to call Guest Relations and ask if he could get a free pass for the 50th year or something, but I chickened out!

We have it on VHS, duped from Super-8.

Wait just a minnit here - you’ve got a new girlfriend, Johnny, and we were not informed? I’m pretty sure there’s a rule here somewhere that long-timers must post all changes in their relationship status. :smiley: