Kabob Skewers

I tried IMHO with no response, so I’ll try here.
Where on the web can I buy flat 7/8" or wider kabob skewers?

Here you go:

Perhaps you could try that new-fangled thingy called Google.

Beaten to it, I see.

Nope, hoping someone has some that aren’t quite as expensive :slight_smile:
Thanks, guys.

Er, that is, yes, I Googled, couldn’t find any inexpensive ones.
Thanks again.

Just curious?

What would you consider a fair price for a pair of 7/8" x 17" stainless steel skewers?

$11 doesn’t sound that bad to me

I’ve had no experience buying them, and the Dope is such a nice place I thought I’d be flooded with low priced responses. :slight_smile:

Go to the local hardware megamart and buy yourself a few feet of bamboo fencing. Split it, cut to size, sharpen, soak before using and viola! Cheap skewers.