Kamala Harris is a crocheter!

And her stepdaughter is a designer of knitted goods.

Ms. Harris recently paid a visit to a DC-area yarn store.

Not so much P&E? and Harris’s admirable engagement with fibercrafting doesn’t affect my mixed views of her policy positions, but always ready to salute a fellow player on Team Yarn!

(We could make this more broadly P&E by discussing how pro- and anti-Trump positions have polarized the fibercrafting world over the past few years, including the Ravelry Trump ban and quilthategate, I suppose.)

I wasn’t quite sure where else to post this, so here it is.

No problem, they can always boot us over to Caf Soc. But I’m not seeing from your link where it actually says Harris is a crocheter. There’s a mention of her knitter stepdaughter and a pro-crochet Tweet from Harris’s Director of Press Operations Peter Velz, but I see no direct indication that Harris herself can even tell a Tunisian hook from a cable needle.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.