Kancer is Krummy but I K.O.'d it...

Yes folks…today is a good day…why? Because I have been in remission for a whole week :slight_smile:

I had leukemia. For a few years, chemo was shit. Lost a whole lot of weight, and my hair thinned. For those of you who saw my pic in the “And you are…” thread, you’ll remember me as a blonde, I now have dark hair, as being a blonde showed my thin hair :(.

Anyway, a whole week. And considering its Friday…I believe it is indeed time to celebrate. Possibly with a expensive dinner with equally expensive wine and stage show to top it off.

Thanks Dr. J :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful. Have a great night out and many wishes for your continued good health!

I am not in remission, and I count myself lucky that I have never had cancer or any other serious illness. I’d just like to say that in hearing Atheist Princess describe her outlook on life as brought on by her experience, she has an emotional fortitude light years beyond what I would be capable of, and she has risen to her situation with not only grace, but a smile as well. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I hope the good news keeps coming for you.

Thankyou all :slight_smile: And a special thnks to SR 47 whose antics keep me forever entertained :stuck_out_tongue:

Heartfelt congratulations! I already think you are great because your name starts with Athiest. More power to you, all the way around - signed, A Fan

Congratulations! I thank no gods that you’re better. :slight_smile:

Kongratulations! That’s wonderful news.

My immediate family includes two survivors so I’ve seen it done up close and personal.

Anyone can feel free to share their experiences, I didnt include mine as I didnt have the time. But i don’t mind if you ask. I’m happy for you Lavenderlemon

Christ, I’ve read a million of your posts, and I never even knew you were sick. That shows real toughness and maturity on your part. I would have been whining about it all the time. Good on ya’! (Isn’t that what you guys say?)

Yeah I whined about it to begin with, but after a while you realise that all the whining in the world won’t change things and that all you can do is stand up and fight it. I think I could’ve handled it better if I were older but then again maybe not. :blush: you’ve read my posts?

Woohoooo! Many tons of bushels of congratulations, AP! Dr. J? Keep up the god work, please!


Good. “…good work…”

…of all the people to make that typo on… :slight_smile:

Congrats! If anything, I say that something like that definitely deserves a party-filled Fourth-of-July weekend. Enjoy it!

WOOHOO! If anybody deserves a blowout night on the town it’s you Athiest Princess! Just be sure and toast The Dope at least once! Go and enjoy. You’ve earned it.


Great job, AP! Fighting the good fight! And winning too. :slight_smile:

Good for you—lousy old cancer can go f*ck itself.

Woohoo! Strippers!

… maybe not. Congratulations, anyway!

Congratulations on being in remission. I know how good it is to hear those words. At least it was when I heard my sister was in remission, and I look forward to hearing that my mother is in remission in the near future. Thanks for the good news tide over.

Good for you! I’ve got the 'ole testuclar cancer on my list of hassles gone bye-bye. Cancer is funny in a way: you’re tougher than it is, so the treatment is to beat the hell out of the both of you, and you just have to hang on until your opponent dies. Weird, eh? It’s as if the key to beating cancer is not some hippified vision of “wellness,” but take on the ultimate masochistic streak one can muster. “C’mon, doc! Hurt me!”