Kangaroo Nome Yucatan - UL?


Great follow up, btw, Cecil.

My question concerns the “I don’t know” answer often cited as an answer to odd names for things or places. To me, the whole idea reeks of Urban Legend. But one of the cites you mentioned dates back to the 16th Century!

Would that make the Yucatan “I don’t know” story the world’s oldest living urban (or New World) legend?

Just wondering.

Signed, Convicted by a kangaroo court in the Yucatan, Nome what I mean?

I’ve heard the same story in regards to the llama.

Spaniard steps foot on what is to become Peru: Wow, look at this land. <sees indigenous person herding llamas> Ho there! What sort of animal is that? ?Como se llama? (What is its name?)

Incan, not comprehending any of this: Llama.

Spaniard: Behold, we have discovered the llama! We claim this land for Spain!