karate guys smashing wood and cinder blocks..

so on the tlc there’s some karate guys smashing wood and cinder blocks… gets you thinking about how come there’s not more damage like in them no holds barred or extreme fighting where they can punch with fists… how come more people don’t get hurt if those karate guys can do that stuff?

There were a lot of injuries and even a few deaths in boxing before they made everyone wear gloves. Even with gloves there have been a few deaths. I’ve never seen any of those no holds barred or extreme fighting type of things. Maybe they are like wrestling, more for show than actual damage.

  1. Angle of attack
  2. Preparation time
  3. Something to compress the wood/bricks against (like a stand)
  4. Non-moving target
  5. Non-living target
  6. Perfect balance
  7. Not being pummeled while building up “ki”

If you had a human stand perfectly still, with his back against the wall, and gave the attacker a few moments to get all ready, I’m certain he could liquify most of the bone in the area he hit. And as noted, just because the guys aren’t (usually) dying out there, doesn’t mean that they aren’t receiving some good damage.

That UFC crap is just pseudo-violent homo-erotic wrestling. I accidentally watched the ‘‘championship’’ at a bar one night, and it consisted of two musclebound goofballs with their legs wrapped around one another, punching each other in the face for 11 minutes. I suspect THAT is why you don’t see too many people get hurt like that. And 2nd what Sage said.