Karen Elson

Karen Elson, the British supermodel and wife of Jack White, has released a debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, which was produced by White, and is absolutely amazing. I only just got it a couple days ago, but I’ve already listened to it three or four times, and it is my discovery of the year to date. Its lead single, the eponymous The Ghost Who Walks, is a masterpiece in the vein of Southern Gothic music and can be viewed here, at her personal website.

You can also view an HD version with the full band backing her on YouTube, here. I prefer the former, though, for her singing and playing alone. It adds to its mystique.

Keeping an eye on this given the Jack White connection…haven’t heard anything…thanks for the link so I can check it out…

No problem! I’m surprised anyone even commented, so thanks for the reply. If you do get around to listening to her, let me know what you think.