Karen & I are expecting!!

There is a litter of Rottie puppies two weeks old in New Mexico, and my best friend & I each have a deposit on on pet-quality babies from the litter. Almost two years ago we lost our old (10 year old) rotties to bone cancer in the same week. Now it looks like we’re going to have litter mates. Puppies should be big, gorgeous, and with fabulous temperaments. We met the dad here in Denver yesterday; he is an absolutely beautiful dog, wonderfully friendly, and with numerous championships in show and obedience. Saw a video of mom, who has a similar pedigree and is a herding dog, too. All health qualifications (hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes, etc) are excellent. Both parents have excellent manners; many prior offspring have been excellent working & show dogs.

This will be my third spoiled~rotten~weiler, and I am just so excited! Since I know several people who are serious rottie breeders, I’ll have plenty of guidance in raising my new baby. (Rotties are not for anyone, they can be tough dogs to raise right.) My last one was an incredibly sweet, intelligent 115lb marshmallow who I am sure would have let anyone in the house, and loved pulling the neighborhood kids up & down the block in a cart.

Did I mention I’m excited? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s wonderful, Carina :slight_smile:

I love dogs, but can’t have one right now thanks to where I live and the hours I keep… I’d want a puppy, but I live alone and I’m just not home enough to give a puppy the attention it needs. I don’t know much about rotties but I think they’re great dogs and would definitely consider one if I was in a position to fulfill my dream of owning a Really Big Dog.

Any name ideas yet, or do you want to wait to see your new pal first?

We are thinking “Cooper”. I’ve already had Ajax & Bosco, so I’ll continue this alphabet theme.

Then we can call the poop pickerupper shovel the Sooper Dooper Cooper Blooper Pooper Scooper.