Karl sez you can't come to our house to play!

Oh boo hoo hoo. Poor ickle Tony Wony can’t stand up for himsewf. He’s had to get the big boys to protect him.

See, that nasty Conservative Michael Howard has been picking on Tony coz Tony’s fallen in with a bad crowd. They made him tell lies and got him involved in a fight he shouldn’t have gotten into, and Michael’s been telling everyone about it.

But George says Michael’s being mean. So George got his friend Karl to tell Michael that he can’t come over to their big white house to play. Karl was vewy angry. Karl threw his toys out of the pram.

But the funny thing is, it’s Michael’s job to be mean to Tony, especially when Tony has been telling fibs. See, Michael is the leader of the opposition. He’s meant to oppose when he thinks Tony’s been naughty.

And you would think that trying to fiddle with the democratic process in the country that’s meant to be your best friend is a dumb thing to do. Especially when the person being leant on is supposed to be a natural political ally.

But Michael is an old fashioned conservative, beloved of grumpy old men and ladies. He’s not a neoconservative nutjob, and that means George and his buddies don’t have to be friends with him anymore. Michael’s tried hard not to cry.

Of course Karl and George accidentally made Michael more popular, because British people, on the whole, don’t like George very much.

But nobody ever accused this White House of being too smart.

If anything’s fair and right in this world, by the end of this year any meeting between Bush and Howard will be a has-been greets a never-will-be. So who’ll care?

But you’re right. If the Conservatives have any sense they’ll be trumpeting this ‘snub’ from the mountain tops.

So does Rove actually use ‘full stop’ at the end of his sentences when he’s pissed? The man is a walking telegram!

Wow. Rove is now making Daffy Duck seem sedate and well reasoned.

Hmm, that is a point. Seems to have been anglicized on its way to print. I wouldn’t necessarily take anything the Sun quotes too seriously. But that Howard was clearly pissed off enough to make a public statement indicates that somebody from the White House said something untoward to him.

The only problem I have with this comment is your use of the adverb. What do you mean, “now”? :smiley:

I was attempting to be ‘fair and balanced’.


The Independent has the same quotein their article so I expect that it’s an agreed-upon soundbite, perhaps from Howard’s office, that succinctly addresses what Rove said. And in the process, happens to make him and Dubya look even more like petulant spoiled brats.

Next from The Sun:

President Bush caught in bangers and mash scandal! Kerry says, “Poppycock, guv’nah!” Page 3 Girls still have no comment.

Gosh, this puts me in the unusual and rather uncomfortable position of supporting the Conservative position over that of Labour. (Much like when Lisa Reilly took over You’ve Been Framed and I found myself yearning for the return of Jeremy Beadle.)

Tell ya what. You get rid of your guy, and we’ll get rid of our guy, and then our new guys can have a big slumber party at the White House and make 'smores and style each other’s hair.