Karma strikes the -99 household.

Kayla was just now doing her workout in front of the TV. Her cell phone started receiving text messages from her friends, so she decided to turn it off, so as to not be distracted. She kept on doing the workout while she was turning it off, though, so she had it in her hand while she performed an arm-swinging thing.

And lost her grip on the cell phone. Which went flying across the living room, and hit the TV smack in the center of the screen. I was in the kitchen at the time, and heard a sharp “CRACK.” The sound kept going on the workout, but the picture went completely dark. After a few moments, the sound went away. And now there’s a nice spider-web network of cracks on the screen.

I don’t think this is covered by the warranty.

Kayla is inconsolable, and thinks I hate her, or something. She won’t stop crying. I made her put the flash drive with the workout program into her netbook and get back to the exercises, but I don’t hate her. The truth is, I’m in a little bit of shock, and not entirely sure how I feel about what happened. The TV was a Samsung 59" HDTV Smart TV with 3D, and would cost about $1500 to replace, but I got it for free in a radio contest. The only money I actually spent was a hundred bucks for a wall mount.

But I DO feel that this is karmic payback for all the schadenfreude I was enjoying in Elections today. :frowning:

Homeowner’s insurance, dude!

If only we were homeowners.

And it’s a little late to buy a renter’s insurance policy.

How is the phone?

damn that sucks. If I had done something like that when I was a kid, my dad would have been unhinged. Of course, he became unhinged if I spilt a glass of milk at the dinner table.

So, kudos to you for not overreacting, yelling at her, telling her she was grounded for a month, and sending her to her room crying (that happened to me when I accidentally broke our pet snake’s aquarium in a similar innocent mistake).

Oh well, shit happens. It’s just stuff. At least she didn’t fall, smash her head into the tv, suffer massive internal bleeding and need brain surgery!

Suddenly it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore, does it? :wink:

I’m not dumping on you here, but I can’t image not having renter’s insurance. It’s simply unfathomable to me.

Not everyone can afford/ sees the point in purchasing it. If you don’t have too many nice things then for most people there isn’t a high incentive to purchase it. Particularly when the payout vs premium rates are so poor.

My 9 year old niece threw her game controller through her Dad’s brand new 50 inch LCD TV a few weeks ago. Kids+games+expensive shit = it’s gonna happen.

Put yeah, dude, renters insurance. Its actually really cheap.

I get my renter’s insurance bundled with my auto insurance. I bet most companies do the same.

Just imagine how much worse you’d feel if Romney got elected and your TV was fine.

before we bought our house we bundled our renter’s insurance with our auto and because of the bundle discount ended up paying almost nothing for the renter’s insurance.

as a new father, I hope I remember this thread if/when my son breaks my tv so that I can model my response on your own.

Now you’re just embarrassing yourself. Keep it up.

Drop her off at Best Buy like 1am on Black Friday and make her camp there in line for one of those limit 1 per store super priced TV specials. :stuck_out_tongue:

You “made” her finish her workout? How old is Kayla?

I think it’s payback for that word-salad novella of a letter you wrote to her choir director :stuck_out_tongue:

I never had renter’s insurance when renting. Probably because I didn’t have any really nice stuff.

I do have homeowner’s now that I am homeowning.

Every time you have a disagreement with Kayla from here on out you have to bring this up.


Kayla: Can’t I do the dishes later?
Kaylasdad: You broke the TV. Do it now.

Or in 30 years or so:

Kayla: Dad you have to take that medication for your heart.
Kaylasdad: No I don’t. You broke the TV.

That’s smart, that way you’re also covered if you hit the TV with your car.

It wouldn’t be worth submiting a claim after the deductible for something like this, but you really should have renters insurance for the third party liability coverage.