Karzai Blames Vote Fraud on USA, Says Might Join Taliban?

What are we seeing here? Surely Karzai realizes he only exists because the US and coalition forces prop him up?
Or is he sensing that the the US is getting tired of the Afghan adventure…and might be getting ready to withdraw?
Personally, I see Afghanistan as being in the same position as s. Vietnam in 1968-a failing war, public support eroding, and an Afghan population getting sick of our assistance.
Is it time for Karzai to be packing his bags?:frowning:

No, it is time for the US to be packing. That might change Karzai’s mind (if any).

Or an unsigned package might be delivered to Karzai from the US Embassy, containing only a picture of Ngo Dinh Diem. Just as a little reminder, you know.

He could go to Switzerland and see the American Tax money that he moved there. He does appear to have a big stake in the Aghan drug trade. He may not want to leave that.

I think it indicates he isn’t planning on packing his bags. He is distancing himself from the foreigners and building his nationalistic cred. He knows the US has no alternative to him as local leader, so there is no downside in sniping at the US. And it can’t hurt, might help with the local populace. People are getting ready for the US to be gone. The US goal has to be to leave enough structure and influence behind that international terrorists don’t rebuild there and launch attacks on the west. If that can be done, the US achieves it’s goals. And an ambitious goal it is-just look at Yemen. But it might happen. Bringing peace stability and democracy to countries that don’t want any of the three is hopeless and unnecessary. Iraq is doing OK without the US and will muddle along after the last US soldier leaves.


I agree with Jon Stewart.

You join the TB again, fine. Kabloowy.

Obama is giving bad signals. If I were Karzai, I’d read up on two Vietnamese brothers, name of Diem!
I wonder which Afghan general is being groomed for the presidency?

It’s time for America to pack up it’s tents and come home. Leave them to it.

They can’t afford it, they aren’t getting anywhere, there is no ‘winning’ to be had.

Start bringing them home, pronto.

Future Headline;

Karzai’s Helicopter Shot Down

by “the Taliban” of course. :wink:

He has a house in Islamabad. Thats where he will retire to of course.

But first, he has an appointment in Samarra.

He could probably get the Saudi government to give him Idi Amin’s old house.

Karzai’s nuts if he thinks he can distance himself from the United States at this point. The Taliban and the ultra-nationalists are never going to accept him as a convert. His best chance is to stay on America’s good side and hope we’ll be able to prop him up. Or, worst case scenario, offer him a good place for exile.

Now we find that Karzai has been taking payoffs from Iran.
I guess we goofed in choosing a leader/stooge we can trust!
How is Obama going to sell his war (new beefed-up) offensive now?
This is looking worse and worse.:confused: