Katakana question

So, for kicks, I’m doing some self-study on the mystery that is Katakana. I have no delusions of ever being fluent in Japanese, but I thought it would be intresting to learn the writing style. For the most part, it makes sense, and after only a few hours effort, I can discern one simple English word written in Katakana.

My question is that I found the letters for the “SHA”, “SHI”, “SHU”, and “SHO” sounds, but I can’t find anything for “SHE” or “JE” for that matter. How would one write something like “SHELL” or “JELLY” in katakana?

For SHE, you combine the characters for SHI and E; for JE you combine the characters for JI and E. In each case, the E character is a little smaller than usual, so that you don’t read as SHI-E or JI-E.

See this site for the complete chart (incl. Je and She).

Have you considered learning Hiragana while you’re at it?

No thanks! There’s only so much abuse I can lump on my fragile little mind at one time. Besides, I can’t even BEGIN to draw all of those squiggly lines.

Hiragana is much easier to remember, though.