Katherine Heigl is an absolute sweetheart

I’m watching Knocked Up and I’m absolutely falling in love with Katherine Heigl. It turns out she’s in a hit T.V. show I’ve never seen. In fact, the only movie of hers I’ve seen is the execrable 100 Girls, in which she played a lesbian table tennis player.

Actually, she’s starred in two TV series. She’s currently on Grey’s Anatomy. but before that she was on Roswell. Both are available on DVD.

…And she’s hot!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy but I just watched Knocked Up last night, and I fell in love with her too. She reminds me of Charlize Theron – sweet and open.

I liked the movie, especially the realistic dialogue. Didn’t care for the cliche screaming during labor scene, but other than that, the movie was quite enjoyable. Ben came a long way, didn’t he?

I don’t care for Gray’s, but I was a huge Roswell fan. I recommend renting the first season (the other two were a huge letdown). It’s most definitely aimed at teens, but was very well done.

It’s funny to see how different people can have near opposite reactions to the exact same thing. I disliked her on Gray’s and downright hated her by the end of Knocked Up.

She wasn’t happy with Knocked Up and called it a sexist movie, by the way.

I had a crush on her around about Under Siege 2.

It was her FHM photo shoot that I liked. Link below. NSFW, of course.

Oh, and she’s got a great personality, too, at least, her on-screen persona does. There was a scandal recently about her dissing the writers on “Grey’s Anatomy,” claiming their poor writing kept her out of Emmy contention. Frankly, I think that, now that her movie career is taking off, she’s just trying to get out of her contract. I’m not sure what the real Katherine Heigl is like, never having met her. Perhaps someone on this board knows someone who has slept with her, or has personally slept with her?

Not exactly. She did diss the writers, but did so by pulling her own name from Emmy contention, claiming, more or less, that the crap she had to work with didn’t merit nomination. So not quite as petulant, but close.

She does seem to have a reputation as a loose cannon, both in a good way ( defending her gay co-star ) and in a somewhat pissy manner as above.

I do sorta like her, though, loud mouth and all. At least she has some balls ( metaphorically speaking :stuck_out_tongue: ). Though I have to say that Knocked Up aside, most of her acting jobs have been in what might be most charitably called flawed vehicles.

Article on the Emmy nonsense: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25104234/

And she wore a spectacularly gorgeous red gown at the Academy Awards a couple of years ago.

I have no idea who she is, but I’ll always remember that elegant scarlet sheath that turned everyone’s heads that year.

Such as Zyzzyx Rd., domestic opening weekend gross: $20.

I’m not really familiar with her as an actress, but I do know she looked good in a thong when she was 14 in My Father the Hero. (disclaimer: I am younger than Katherine Heigl.)

The first season of Roswell is available (legally) for viewing online. It’s free, you have to put up with a few commercials. The episodes there are listed in reverse order, so you have to click on page 2 to see the first 8 episodes. http://www.hulu.com/roswell

thousand? Hundred??? Twenty dollars???!

Apparently Seth Rogen is rather unhappy about that because while he was on Howard Stern he was talking about how all of the actors had a huge bit of leeway in the production. If they didn’t like a scene they could suggest rewrites, etc. He said that if she didn’t bring up any allegations of sexism while they were shooting.

Just twenty. Apparently it was $30, (six people at five bucks each,) but they gave a refund for someone who worked on the movie and her guest.

Now, they were TRYING to set a record for the lowest domestic box-office at this point, bear that in mind.

And now - I want to see that movie, but can’t find it anywhere but some ebay listings from australia. Do you think I’d be able to play an ‘all region PAL’ dvd here in canada? Would it have to be on a computer?