KC Dopers: Best cellular services?

I’ll be moving to Kansas City, KS (Overland Park) by the end of the week and I’ll need to eastablish new cellular service.

What’s the best company to go with? I’ve been told to avoid Sprint by scores of people.

What about Cingular? AT&T? Verizon?

I’m looking for quality, customer service, good coverage, etc.

Well, Sprint is headquartered in Overland Park. Coverage is four bars just about everywhere in the metro area.

Yeah, I know, but several (unrelated) people have told me that their service sucks and that customers are leaving in droves.

They mostly complain of dropped calls, poor reception, shitty customer service, screwed up billing, etc. Most of these folks live in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, and Lenexa.

This has been the experience of nearly every Sprint customer I know in Overland Park.

Really, however, I’m not sure who is the best. I know many people are going to Xingulair (sp?) suddenly, but don’t know why.

Sprint may have four bars of signal in many places, but ask Sprint employees: they get dropped calls and 1 bar of signal on their own campus, even in their parking lot sometimes! One fellow I know who works there says he loses the signal about the time he pulls in off of 119th street each morning. :eek: