KC Royals Dopers: Pre-Game Meal near Kauffman Stadium?

Where is a good place for a pre-game meal near Kauffman Stadium? I’ll be in town for Monday night’s game against the Tigers - one more stadium checked off the list!

I’m looking for a place that has a good Royals “baseball feel” to it; ideally, it’s very close to the stadium and is a KC BBQ place.


The problem with Kauffman stadium is that it’s sort of out in the middle of nowhere. So there’s not a ton of things to do or places to eat around there.
But there are a few BBQ places around. Gates BBQ is the most well known in KC and you can’t go wrong there.
Big T’s is also good. Very similar to Gates I’ve found though a bit fattier of meat.
Finally there’s LC’s which is a favorite of many but I’ve never been so I can’t speak to it.
All three are within a few miles of Kauffman.

Thanks, Enderw24, I’ll give them a shot. I drive to KC from STL this afternoon.

LCs was good, thanks for the tip. Good ribs and burnt nds. I also had dinner last night at Gates BBQ.

I’m BBQ’d out!

Good game tonight, too. The Tigers clinched their division and celebrated in KC. Miguel Cabrera went 4-for-5 with a dinger. I hope he wins the triple crown

Cool. Glad you enjoyed.

I got in on the conversation late, but I was going to say LC’s as well! I’m not a BBQ connisseur, but I agree with Enderw24, and think that Big T’s has lower-grade cuts of meat.

When I was there, the big man himself, LC, was there. Said he opened the place 26 years ago, back in 1986.