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What with the many many clock threads in vogue these days, I thought I’d throw in this amusing anecdote.

When I was a teenager, my brother somehow managed to aquire a backwards clock. That is, the hands ran counterclockwise and the numbers were backwards. Pretty much like this. It confused me at first, but within a couple of days I could work out what time it was. Within a week it became second nature. In fact, after a few years, normal clocks threw me for a loop for a second or two.

When my brother left home, I inherited the clock. I brought it to my first apartment, where it was our only mounted timepiece. This caused my roommate no end of consternation.

Him: I don’t get that clock. Why can’t we have a normal clock?

Me: It’s easy. See, it says three o’clock.

Him: No it doesn’t. It’s all backwards.

Me: It’s backwards, but it still says three o’clock.

Him: No it doesn’t. Because if the numbers are backwards, the hands run forwards.

Me: No, they run backwards.

Him: But then the numbers should run forwards. Why aren’t they upside down?

Me: Huh?

Him: If everything is backwards, then it should be upside down.

Me: Paul, you’re an idiot. Look at it this way: On a normal clock, if the big hand is on the twelve, and the little hand is on the three, what time is it?

Him: Three o’clock.

Me: Very good. Now, on this clock, the big hand is on the twelve, and the little hand is on the three. What time is it?

Him: Eight thirty.

Me: No! It’s three o’clock. Three. Fucking. O’clock!

Him: Not upside down and backwards, it isn’t.

Me: Bangs head on wall

Him: Can’t we just get a normal clock?

This conversation went on for a YEAR.

Ooo I want one! I’m getting it! This is perfect! Ooooo!

Yeah, I just ordered on myself. Now I have to figure out where to put it.

On the other side of the wall, obviously.

I have a backwards clock on my wall here in my office. Got it from Left Hand Brewing in Colorado. I agree, after the first week or so it’s no big deal to tell time with it. You just gotta remember it’s one of those left-hander clocks.


Opposite the mirror. I get the impression that would’ve confused this Paul no end. :smiley:

Isn’t it fun watching people have conniption fits over it?

Now, if I could just find out where to get an upside-down globe.

Heh. I used to have a backwards clock, too. And a reverse color deck of cards; always good for a laugh in a euchre game.

These guys have upside down maps in their catalog:


A bar I eat at frequently has a cool clock. It runs forward, but the numbers are all out of order, and they’re rotated at all kinds of crazy angles. At the bottom it says, “Oh shit! Look at the time!”

I used to have a counter-clock. Think it got squashed in a move, though.

I did a quick google on “upside down globe” and found tons of maps. No globes, though.

There’s one at my barber shop, and it’s purpose is exactly this; so the guys in the chairs can see the clock in the mirror.

I have a counterclock at home next to the TV. :smiley:

All y’all are making me think I should bring it into the office to join the other odds’n’bobs I have floating around.

Oh, dear Og I hate that clock on sight. :slight_smile: I dunno why, but it really bothers me. It’s like, contrary to the scheme of things or something.
So you could successfully make me crazy with it.