Keanu Reeves to be the new Klatuu

The director of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”,Scott Derrickson, will direct and Reeves will star in a ‘re-imagining’ of “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Aside from the fact that re-making TDTEST is heresy, Reeve is a terrible choice for the role. Some may argue he is a terrible choice for ANY role. Michael Rennie worked out so well in 1951, not only because he gave a remarkable and sensitive performance but because he was unfamiliar to movie audiences. Perhaps he really was a man from outer space! Had Spencer Tracy been cast, as the studio wanted, I don’t think the film would have been as effective. I doubt this new version will be much of a movie with or without Reeves, but his presence in the lead can’t help.

I think Keanu is perfectly suited for the role…of Gort.

Any Deadites in the audience are sure to giggle if he says, “Klaatu Barata Nictu”…


I don’t think KR is the world’s greatest actor, but when he’s cast right he does the job. Personally, I think it’s an inspired bit of casting: KR’s wonted woodenness could serve him well here.

“Gort! Keanu barada nikto”? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all you had to say to make me want to miss this. That movie was so bad it went full circle past “so bad it is good” and back to bad again.

Replacing the embodiment of quiet, assured, dignified resolve with deer in the headlights confusion always works out so well in the remake of a classic. Maybe Carpenter overcoming a government-mandated lobotomy will add to the cohesiveness if used early in the [del]travesty[/del] flick.

As the OP alluded - Some movies just should not be re-made - either due to bad casting (this one) or becuase the movie itself just works better set in the time it was -

TDTEST is a product of the cold war and the fears of Nuclear Anihilation - I fear any remake would not work since those fears dont exist (in the same way) today - What’s the job of the alien visitor this time? Demand that we all stop our bickering about “god” and give us a week to figure it out?

Good lord…Helen Benson played by Katherine Hepburn?

As he’s leaving Earth, he warns them that their warlike ways will not be tolerated in this galaxy. And he leaves them this advice:

“Be excellent to each other!”

Well, since you’ve broadened the scope to that degree, I’d say a more pressing concern would be all the bickering we do about politics. It isn’t God that causes the trouble, it’s the politically minded religious leaders — and that goes for everything from the right-wing nutters to outright crazies like Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda isn’t religious except inasmuch as religion serves their political purposes. Spending tens of millions of dollars on killing people as opposed to spending it on charity hospitals is one clue.

That said, I think Keanu has come a long way. With good directing, I think he could convey the right combination of disorientation, innocence, and resolve that the character requires. I’m looking forward to it, but with reasonable reservations. :slight_smile:

(bolding mine) - this is actually what I was implying - from the crusades to the current conflict(s), ‘god’ has been used as an excuse for countless atrocities.

It’s not Keanu that bothers me as much, as the original had a very simple message that fit the time when the film was made - cold war/fear of the unknown/new space program - etc - I can’t see any re-imagining of it that could be ‘stronger’ or better in that message - it was a product of its time.

I agree with you, Simster. This project will live or die by its screenplay.

Are we sure this isn’t a special effects joke? I mean, something along the lines of The Day The Earth Stood Still Or At Least Appeared To While The Camera Zoomed Around It As It Leaned Over Backwards To Avoid Machine Gun Fire In A Technique We Now Call Barada Time?

This news is almost, but not quite, as bad as the speculation that Ben Affleck and J. Lo were going to remake Casablanca

I would love to see Ringo Starr have a cameo.

Is it a remake of the movie or a remake of the original story? :confused:

Also, the original story is of such an idiotic premise that it only exists in the 50s and 60s - HU-MONS!! CEASE YOUR WARLIKE WAYS OR WE WILL OBLITERATE YOUR PLANET!

Obliterate it with what? An irony ray?
How about reworking the movie to be a statement about interfering with other’s cultures and political systems? I think that might be more relevent to today’s audiences.

There is supposed to be a “reimaging” of the movie. For whatever that is worth. I, personally, have no intention of seeing what is another remake of something good in the past, which won’t be able to hold a candle to it now. Obviously, Hollywood is totally running out of ideas, because movie remakes are coming fast and furious (I was just reading earlier about the remake of “3:10 to Yuma”).