Kearsen1 Banned for Trolling and cursing out a mod

Kearsen1 was banned after 4 warnings and 2 suspensions this year.
He was reported for a form of trolling and it appeared to be accurate.
Upon seeing if he was willing to debate honestly, he showed he was not.
Then he decided to curse me instead of following my mod instructions.
He would not support a false claim and got angry about it when required to in order to continue posting in the thread.

The form of trolling he used most was JAQing or Just asking questions.
He would ask questions, make unsupported statements and instead of answering challenges to those try to deflect by asking more questions.

Here are the warnings:
Warning for Kearsen1 Again Nov 11
Warning for Kearsen1 (new) Oct 16
Warning for Kearsen1 Sep 28
Warning for Kearsen1: Personal Insults [May 19]

He has been suspended twice also. Oct 16 & Oct 17