Keep rabbits away from toddlers or tragedies can occur!

Cute bunny packs a bite

Evil Rabbits! Has a Monty Python feel to it.

I still have a scar & altered fingerprint on my index finger from when a bunny got hold of it and started nibblin.’ I was 6. Ma took me to the hospital, I got some stitches. We ate the rabbit the next night.

Bahhh, that’s nothing. I’ve seen a hamster bite through to the bone. Greedy little bugger.

Ah, this reminds me of the time I had to club a rabbit to death with a sand wedge…

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from West Virginia, hence the Joy!

Payback for Plant City?

If somebody never thought a rabbit would do something like that, they didn’t know enough about rabbits to be keeping them as pets. I bet she didn’t think a rabbit would claw the living crap out of somebody either, or try to disembowel an animal with its hindclaws. It’s like somebody saying, “I knew the dog snarled and growled a lot, but I never thought it would bite me.”

Any animal will bite under the right circumstances, with potentially disastrous results. And rodents and lagomorphs have especially nasty teeth.

I always knew that someday, the tender sweet carrots from my garden would not be enough!

It’s time for payback!!!



In the future, they’ll make a movie about our noble struggle!

“RamBosda: First Hasenpfeffer!”

Those buggers can kick the crap out of you when you try to hold them and they have nasty, sharp, little claws.

Why would a person let a TODDLER handle a rabbit?
They are not just little balls of fur to be cuddled. I would say the parent/caregiver here failed miserably.

Two year olds do not need pets. Period. End of story. If you’re still kinda iffy on getting to the toilet, you don’t need an animal.

Damn, there goes the cat I was planning on getting.

Teeth and claws, people… teeth and claws! Almost as scary as raging squirrels.

That was no ordinary rabbit!

/had to say it, no one else did

…“Right, One Rabbit-Stew, coming riiiight Up”

It’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it?

Anybody have a Holy Hand-Genade?

I really dislike handling rabbits. They can scratch the crap out of you, and rabbit bites, even when they don’t sever anything hurt. And bleed a lot. Never feed a rabbit baby carrots while holding the carrot between your index finger and thumb; apparently thumbs look a lot like carrots. Now I’m glad that it was me who got bit by my rabbit, not my brother by his, since he was only 2 at the time, just like the kid in the story.

It was probably a Devilbunny. Devilbunnies will stop at nothing to subvert humanity, and they have no hesitation at all in eliminating those who get in their way.

I expected the article to show how the rabbit-owner did something really stupid. Well, whaddya know.

My husband used to manage a pet store and he says the only animal that never bit him was a guinea pig, though even they will bite on occasion. It always baffles me when people buy hamsters for their children–they are vicious little animals.

“We can’t risk another assault!
That rabbit’s dynamite!”

/monty python

Rabbits are to be eaten, not kept as pets. They are good fried, roasted, stewed, jugged, baked, ground into sausage, etc. They’re low in fat and quite tasty. This parent fails on many levels all the way from lack of sufficient concern for the child’s safety on up to not teaching the child not to play with its food.