Keeping Mash (cooking question)

So I hope to make some mashed sweet potatoes to go with a thanksgiving meal. What is the best way for me to prepare them in advance so that I don’t get in the way of the Turkey cooks on the actual day. It would be good if they can be reheated in a microwave or on the stove when needed.

Alternatively it would be OK if they were made quickly at the time, but that would require pre-baking them (which may be worse than reheating the made mash, I don’t know)

We may be kind of heretics in our household as far as mashed potatoes go, but if we want to get them done ahead of time, we boil them until they’re done, then just put a lid on, turn the heat off, and let them sit. Reheat just before mashing.

Sweet potatoes actually reheat pretty well, because they have a much higher sugar than starch content, unlike white potatoes, which get mealy when reheated because of all their starch. Sugar melts readily when heated. Just mash 'em like you regularly would. The easiest and most out of the way method to reheat them would be slowly on low in a crock-pot. You won’t be using up oven, burner or microwave space in the flurry of last minute preparations.


I’m thinking of mashing them with the skins still on. That works for regualr potatoes, but does it work for sweet potatoes (I’m going to be using the type calle Yams in USA, for their colour)
(nb USA yams are not real yams, but what in UK are called regular sweet potatoes)

The wife made up a batch of mashed sweet potatoes last night that will be reheated on a campfire Thursday. Mashed, baked, pan wrapped in several layers of foil, the whole thing stuffed into a heavy ziplock bag, and into the ice chest. They reheat quite well.

I don’t like sweet potato skins, so I wouldn’t like it. But YMMV.

I like sweet potato skins but they tend to be too thick for mashing and only seem to turn out when the potatoes are baked (vs. microwaving, which is way less time consuming).
Reheating has never been a problem. Highly recommend a bit of goat’s cheese, balsamic and a dash of sage.

I’ll skin them then.
Interesting idea, but I’ll be adding a little ginger, nutmeg, chipolte chilli and orange blossom honey.