Keeping pets in mobile homes: The litter box

The mobile-home park I live in permits pets such as cats and dogs, but before we get a kitten or grown cat I need to know: Considering how cramped space is in mobile homes, where would we put the litter box? There is just no room in the bathroom. (There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen/dining room, at the opposite end from the bedrooms.)

I put the litterbox in the laundry room in the corner. A friend of ours bought one one of the fancy covered litterboxes with the air filter in the top [I’m serious!] and she just has it in an out of the way spot against the wall in the LR.

Dang. It’s been so long since I lived in a mobile home I don’t remember, but I think that at one time I had it in the spare bedroom (closet-sized as it was) and at another time, I think it was in the little linen-closet/laundry area.

I put Murphy’s box under the bathroom sink, he can open the doors to the cabinet, and we cant see hte box.

Silica beads are great litter too, if you can find them. They absorb the urine and odor, just scoop the poop every day, and you wont even know its there.