Kelly wants us to judge him by "what Trump didn't do"

That’s the tag-line from Kelly’s interview with the Los Angeles Times:

Okay, let’s take a look at what Trump didn’t do when Kelly was Chief of Staff:

• Trump didn’t condemn white supremacists at Charlotteville, instead saying they were “good people”;

• Trump didn’t keep together families who crossed the border illegally, instead separating young children from their parents;

• Trump didn’t work together with the US’s long-standing allies on trade issues, instead preferring to support autocrats;

• Trump didn’t condemn the execution of a US journalist on the orders of the Saudi Crown Prince;

• Trump didn’t live up to long-standing commitments to the US’s Kurdish allies, instead throwing them to the mercy of their Turkish enemies, at the request of the increasingly-autocratic President of Turkey;

• Trump didn’t accept the unanimous advice from the US intelligence agencies that Russia had interfered in US elections, instead accepting the word of the President of Russia that Russia would never do such a thing;

• Trump didn’t keep the US government open and functioning.

Heck of a job there, Kelly!

Kelly’s proven to be a dishonorable, dishonest man. It’s sad that he was able to make it to flag level in the military.


It’s almost as if Trump is a stress-test for virtue and ethics. Everyone he picks starts revealing deep flaws, which may not have been known before.

Especially when contrasted with his fellow Marine, James Mattis.

Fuck that empty barrel.

sorry, my dick isn’t big around enough to touch the sides.

OH! Did you mean like there’s a hole drilled into the side of the barrel, with more realistic dimensions, that should get fucked? Yeah, that I could probably manage.

Still, pass…

Until Kelly provides a detailed list of all the horrible stuff he prevented he can go fuck himself.

Look at all the things Trump didn’t do. He wasn’t caught in bed with a dead girl–or a live boy. He didn’t shoot someone on Broadway. He didn’t start a war with Canada. Give Kelly some credit.

More importantly, he didn’t lose a war with Canada.

More rant, really. Off to the Pit.

I thought I was being restrained! :). But, comme tu veux.

That we know of. . . yet.


Not for want of trying.

I suspect the list might be forthcoming in a few years.

I’m willing to withhold judgment on certain members of Trump’s national security team; I’ll include Kelly in that list. Somebody has to step in if the 72 year old President starts fiddling with the launch codes.

Good. I wonder what further things Kelly could prevent Trump from doing by publicly speaking out and using his personal credibility to bring to light Trump’s actions as president.

At this point, the fact that Trump didn’t lose a war with Canada is disappointing. Can we just surrender now? I want that socialised medicine!

Yes it’s honorable to throw a hissy fit when you’re being ignored. I must laugh at all of these military clowns going down in flames these past few years.

At no other time in US history has a group of obvious military bunglers been bestowed such undeserved reverence as the time before Trump. Let these idiots collect their checks and go away.


He *has *made them want to build a wall, and make the Americans pay for it.