Ken Lee - oh dear

From the Bulgarian version of Idol. Someone should have paid more attention in school.

While it’s funny to point and laugh (as always, with this type of show), I wonder how many of us would be able to give a cromulent performance of a song with Bulgarian lyrics?

Well I think the main point is how many of us would even think of trying to sing a Bulgarian song in Bulgarian on TV


She was a good sport - went back at a later date and sang it properly, then segued to her old version, with the audience singing along!

I had several people send this video to me when it first started circling the internet. I’ve seen it like twenty times and it still cracks me up. I watched Music Idol (the actual name of the show) pretty religiously during the first season and would talk about it with my students a lot, but found the second season - which this clip is from - a lot less amusing and didn’t watch more than a couple episodes. This bit is really egregiously bad, but there was a LOT of tragic English on this show.

I was always telling my kids that if they ever wanted to go on Music Idol and not look like idiots, they should pay close attention in class! If I were still teaching, now I’d be able to add “if you don’t want THE ENTIRE WORLD to see you make a fool of yourself on youtube, you should pay attention in class!”

BTW, a guy from my village managed to be bad enough that he got on the show, too, singing a song ABOUT the village! Check it out.. (My village is Pavel Banya, it’s “famous” for its mineral hot springs and this guy worked in one of the rehabilitation centers. No, I didn’t know him.)

And Colophon, I can sing quite cromlently in Bulgarian, TYVM. :wink:

Kyla, why are they laughing at him? What’s the backstory on the guy with blue hair? Who’s the goodlooking judge with the big pointy nose?