Kerry Christmas 1968

Can everyone agree now that Kerry was not in Cambodia on Christmas eve, 1968 like he said he was on several different occasions including the Senate floor.

Remind me, what part of Vietnam was Bush in on that day?

The bartender had a cousin in Da Nang.

That isn’t important. Or do you HATE AMERICA?

Damn I resent Kerry being slurred when he served in the war and Bush’s records can’t even be found so it can be proven whether he was AWOL or not.

Obviously, no. But reasonable people can.

Are you suggesting that I just slurred Kerry?

Do you normally have a problem with reading comprehension?

Well I wanted to be sure that you weren’t generalizing about the overall campaign charges against Kerry.

Now that I’m aware that you are referring to my specific comment, are you suggesting that Kerry was indeed in Cambodia during Christmas of 1968 and that I’m slurring him by repeating an untruth ? Is it that serious?

I’m sorry, I honestly haven’t been following this part of it. Can you answer a few questions?

  1. When did he say it?
  2. What is the proof that it wasn’t true?
  3. How does whether or not he was there at that time affect his ability to deal with the problems that will likely face the President for the next four years?

Yes, yes, and yes.

No, it’s just that Canada has a nicer rack.

So, if the allegation is that serious Mockingbird would you still vote for Kerry if it were proven to you?

Does any of this really matter? For gods sake, can’t we drop this BS and focus on the issues TODAY? Both candidates have enough of a modern record that we can judge them on THAT to decide which is the best person (of the two :rolleyes: ) to run this nation. We don’t need to dig back to either GW’s ‘fine’ record during Vietnam, nor whether Kerry lied, exaggerated, or is simply being misquoted. Its been 3 decades and many of the SDMB members weren’t even ALIVE then. For myself, I’m a totally different person than I was in the late 60’s to early 70’s.


Give it up, grienspace.

I could make a perfectly factual statement (for example, the observation that Woodrow Wilson won the 1912 presidential election) and I’d have some chucklehead on this board call me on it just because I’m a political conservative.

Kerry admits now he wasn’t in Cambodia on the date in question, so this shouldn’t be an issue. But this won’t stop members of the Screaming Society from shouting you down.

I do love posting to this board. But the “fighting ignorance” slogan is only a slogan, and it’s sometimes a mighty empty one at that.

You’re not suggesting that Kerry could possibly have been misquoted on a speech in the senate are you?

grienspace, I’d like to see you respond to scotandrsn’s questions before proceeding.

I also have no clue about this particular quote/event except that some ditto-head co-worker brought it up as proof positive that Kerry was totally evil and corrupt. I still have no idea what he (or the OP) was talking about.

But I’ll play along…

Sure. Kerry wasn’t in Cambodia in 1968.

Now what?

Anybody wanna play some cards? Maybe order a pizza?

Well, though I have to be in Massachusetts later in the month, it’ll be in Pittsfield. And I don’t want to spend that much time on the turnpike.

You can send some pizza gift certificates my way, though, bizzwire. They’ll come in handy when the new baby is born soon.

What the hey, since this is anything but a great debate:

Congratulations Mr. Moto!!!

Well Fiver, I’d rather not. I’m fascinated by the degree of knowledge on this issue displayed by quite a few posters who dare to participate in GD with regard to Kerry and yet have to ask “when did he say it ?”