Kerry picks Edwards as VP. That's it, I'm not voting.

The only reason I can see that Kerry picked Edwards is because he thinks having a Southern Democrat alongside him will get him votes. It sure can’t be because of his political record.

What political record you ask? NONE!!!

Edwards is nothing but a coattail-riding professional office runner. Barely 2 days into his Senate reign, he announces he’s running for president. Since then he hasn’t done DICK as a senator. He just used the Senate office as leverage for the presidential campaign. According to this site, his voting attendance was a whopping 28 percent. His answer to a question of whether he thinks he’s representing North Carolina interests? “Yes. In fact,” he said, “I’m representing North Carolina very well because the values I learned growing up in North Carolina are the very values propelling this campaign.” BAARRRFFF!!! He’s 100% plastic from his aw-shucks smile and Opie haircut down to his wingtips.

He has done NOTHING to demonstrate ANY sort of qualifications as presidential material except whore himself out for votes. And before any of you derail with “Well, George W. Buth only therved one term ath governor of Texthath…” I’M TALKING ABOUT EDWARDS!!! I was fully planning on voting AGAINST Bush this November, but now I’ve decided I’m not going to fucking vote at all! Either choice is just as crappy.


Yes, by all means disenfranchise yourself, if you think that will help.

That’s just what Bush wants- for you to get so fed up with the candidates that you don’t vote at all. I felt the same way last year, and didn’t vote because I couldn’t stand either Bush or Gore after all the ick they were flinging at one another.

Now I feel guilty. If we’re going to defeat Bush, then all of us who think it’s important need to vote. Otherwise, Bush wins again, and any further horrors he perpetrates will be, in a small part, on our heads, who allowed him to be elected.

His voting record while campaigning was 28%. That doesn’t mean his voting record for the last 5+ years was 28%.

Hold your breath till your face turns blue instead. Stupid asshole.

I can understand how you feel, but I’ve never ever been able to vote for my ideal candidate. There’s always some differences, some issues that I grit my teeth over, that I roll my eyes about whenever they come up in the stump speech. But I grit my teeth and do my duty and vote for the flawed ticket that I think will do the most good for the country.


It’s not like a VP does all that much in the way of big decisions anyway. They are historically unimpressive. If you withhold your vote, you will land smack dab in the middle of Loserville…population “you.”

At least vote for a third party candidate if you hate both the frontrunners so much. Not voting doesn’t do anybody any good.

Plus, as Otto so eloquently put it, it makes you an asshole.

Big improvement over Joe Lieberman.

Here’s a potential voter riding the fence over which candidate to vote for, or whether or not to vote at all. What a perfect opportunity for those with a strong opinion on a particular party to put forth their reasons for their choice.

Instead, all some can do is to call the person an asshole.

Might I inquire as to just what you’re trying to accomplish with such comments? You’re obviously not trying to educate anyone, nor to swing them to your side with your compassionate stance.

Seriously people, what the fuck?

As a Bush supporter (ducking), I feared Edwards more than any other candidate. I believe that the Democrats handed Bush the election by choosing Kerry.

The only Democrat since Carter to win the Presidency was a charming Southerner who talked like a Republican. Given the demographics of the country and the polarization of the electorate, I just don’t see Kerry winning.

Edwards is cute… just that. Still beats bossy Hillary I think.

Yes, it’s a shame that you have to vote for either Bush or Kerry. It’s so unfair taht you are not allowed to vote for one of the other candidates running for President. :rolleyes:

A third party vote is a wasted one. Ralph Nadar kept Al Gore from winning the White House.

Actually, I think Loserville is very overpopulated.

To those who called me asshole…I notice you didn’t have anything to say about Edwards. The most ringing endorsement so far is Kalhoun’s “It’s not like a VP does all that much in the way of big decisions anyway.” Tell that to Dick Cheney.

So go ahead, sell me…why should I support Edwards as VP?

This statement makes no sense whatsoever.

Edwards will appeal to the very few undecided moderate southerners that might be put off by Kerry’s personal style. He’ll also appeal to undecided superficial women.