Kerry's Senate Testimony

I put this in GD simply because it has the potetnial to be volatile, even though I am simply asking for information.

Regarding John Kerry’s testimony before the Senate upon his return from Vietnam, where can I find out what he said/claimed and how accurate it was and what he has said about it since.

Don’t have a link, but make sure you get the full transcript. There was an “edited” version floating around that made it attribute things to Kerry that he did not actually do. has a CD-ROM
Kerry: Senator John F. Kerry, 2004 Presidential Candidate
by U.S. Government (CD-ROM - February 2004)

This may or may not cover his testimony before congress following his return from Vietnam. Quite extensive coverage otherwise.

A google search for “Kerry Winter Soldier Testimony” turned up this link:

Kerry Senate Testimony

I don’t vouch for the accuracy of this.