Ketchup On Pizza Along With Cold Milk! Dairy Overload!

I can’t be the only one that does this. The victim is normally store-bought frozen pizzas…for some reason I like to dip them in ketchup (catsup) and wash down the unctuous slices with icy cold 1% milk. Surely I am not alone. Sometimes there’s hot sauce, but only if I bring my dildo.

While I certainly welcome any notion of ladies with dildos, I must admit that I can’t make sense of the relevance, here. Hot sauce makes you so horny that you need to make immediate use of the dildo?

Perhaps the OP is a victim of autocorrect? Although I have no idea what they might have meant.

As for the rest, I do not mix pizza, ketchup, milk and dildos.

FoieGrasIsEvil is no lady.

Try it with ketchup and mustard.

That last bit was meant as an off the cuff reference to “getting crazy” with hot sauce, because for me, especially as a man, dildos and hot sauce are both rarities.

Pretty sure it’s just you.

So nobody likes store bought pizza dipped in ketchup and washed down with cold milk?

All righty. It was a stupid thread idea anyway. That’s what I get for drinking!



But for many frozen pizzas, cold milk is a must. I’m not sure why this is. It doesn’t hold for any restaurant or delivery pizza that I’m aware of.

See, that’s the crust, er, crux of the matter. I don’t know why I crave milk in that situation. I NEVER want milk with any other kind of pizza. But with store-bought frozen discs of gooey goodness? Yep. Can’t figure it out. Its a weird craving. And again, I feel like I am doubling up on dairy by doing so, another thing I never do. I have milk cravings from time to time, by itself or with, say, a sammich…but without fail, store bought pizza makes my brain tell me “drink milk”…the ketchup is just zing.

I’m down with cold milk, hot sauce, and dildos. But ketchup on pizza? That’s just perverted.

Cold milk and pizza are great. I even throw Tapatio on some of the blander pizzas. You can keep the ketchup and dildos.

Without dildos, there is no pizza. I generally harvest the grease off the curled pepperonis onto a paper towel then transfer to lube status. Doesn’t everyone do this? Pepperoni grease may be spicy, but you gets used to it.

Not ketchup, but yellow mustard.

I generally prefer cola or root beer with pizza, of any variety. Milk with pizza just wouldn’t have occurred to me, and ketchup seems kind of redundant with the sauce.

And why did I have it in my head that you were female?

Ketchup is disgusting.

Milk is… ok with pizza. I prefer beer or a cola.

Oh yes you can.

Actually whenever I get delivery pizza or a gourmet pizza at a sit down place, this is what I get too. Its only at home with cheap frozen pizza that I do this. The fact that I am usually drunk when I eat something like that also plays a role I am sure.

And I don’t know why you would have thought that…other than the joking dildo reference in the OP, I’m not sure why I gave you that impression…big boy.


You know what…you’re probably right!


Actually, I had that impression for a while. Again, not sure why.