Kevlar Riding Jeans

There have been a few threads about riding gear, but none for a few years. I recently bought a bike after a 2-year lapse in riding, and discovered my old Kevlar jeans are too big now. Before I just buy another pair of the same brands, I thought I’d see what other Dopers like wearing. Armor doesn’t matter to me, I wear Forcefield underneath whatever I get.

I had a pair of Draggin’ Jeans I liked a long time ago, but have no idea of their current quality.

I had a couple pairs of Two Bros., but they were baggy in all the wrong areas and I suspect would have been worthless in the event of a crash. Never got to test that theory, however.

I recently got a pair, they seem quite well made.

This. But with a helmet!


I’m wearing Sliders 2.0 Kevlar-lined riding pants in warm weather, for which I had a seamstress add zippers along the outseams from the cuff to the knee, just so I could more easily work around my boots. Shortly after I did that, the company came out with Sliders 3.0’s, which already have the zippers installed.

Since the weather is getting colder lately, I’ll be switching back to my deerskin* leather pants. They’re from Thurlow leather world, which is no longer in business. As I noted in a couple other threads, if anyone knows a place to get a deerskin jacket made, please PM or post it here.

*The jacket worn by the stuntmen in the Indiana Jones movies is from Thurlow. Yes, it really does withstand abuse that well!

I’ve got a pair of Sliders that I like okay, but they’re just straight denim on the outside; I was hoping for something that looks like jeans but is a stronger external layer,