Key Largo (movie) - Speech quoted by Bogart

In the 1948 film Key Largo–at the beginning of the second act where Frank (Bogart) confronts Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) for the first time–Rocco pegs Frank for a soldier who fought in WWII and asks him why he “stuck his neck out”? Frank answers that he “believed some words” and then seems to quote a speech:

"But we aren’t making all this sacrifice of human effort and lives to return to the kind of a world we had after the last world war. We’re fighting to cleanse the world of ancient evils. Ancient ills. "

If we’re to believe Lionel Barrymore’s reaction, the speech was somewhat well-known–at least among soldiers/patriots of the time (no doubt the fact that Rocco sneered at it is supposed to be an overt confirmation of his villainy).

I guess this is probably from one of Roosevelt’s wartime speeches, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere other than in this movie. Anyone care to source it a little better before the hurricane hits? :slight_smile:

the 1942 State of the Union. thx, ignorance fought.

This could also be the first time the term “United Nations” was used as well. (There was a question to that effect on Jeopardy! not long ago.)

Also the list of Four Freedoms.