Key Me - Ky Mo - In The Land Of Pharaoh Pharaoh"?? Lyrics

When I was in cub scouts we used to sing an old song, that had nonsense lyrics like

Key-Me Ky (rhymes with sky) Mo, in the land of pharaoh pharaoh, come a rat bat penny winkle, polly doodle rat pat penny won’t you ky-me-oh

I tried googling this, but I am pretty sure those words are what I remember and not the actual lyrics. Which I think were just nonsense lyrics, like you find in a lot of cub scout campfire songs.

Anyone want to help me venture a guess at what this may be from and what the correct words are?

Sounds like the chorus that my mother sings to Froggy Went A-Courtin’.
An imperfect transcription:
“Keemo kairo, delto sairo, strim strom polly dida lolly bonna ride-um, ride-um polly dida kai bow.”
Always seemed like the end of a very long game of telephone to me.