Keyboards and Keypads

Okay, I just did it again. I’m here at work and went to make a phone call but I misdialed because the telephone number pad and the keyboard number pad are upside-down!! My calculator is fine and matches the same order has my keyboard. Who at AT&T is responsible for this??

Why hasn’t anyone changed the phone keypad to mirror my keyboard? Can I buy a “special” phone?

(This has probably been covered, but I couldn’t find it in the archive search.)

You’re under the impression that the keyboard is correct and it’s AT&T that’s screwing up?

Yep, it’s been covered a few times. Here is one of the discussions.

Basically, it comes down to the phone pad was designed for the public and 1 2 3 … left to right top to bottom made sense. The computer keypad came from the calculator which probably came from the old adding machines. By the mechanical design of the adding machine, the 9’s were at the top and the 1’s at the bottom. That, plus, to a math type, 9 is larger, so, it goes at the top and you work your way down.

Anyway, they just came from two different ways of thinking and no one knew, or cared, at the time, that we’d be setting around with both keypad types setting around on our desks and using them both everyday.