Khadaji’s Whatcha Reading Thread - Oct. 2020 edition

Yes, MG means middle grade, which is (very) approximately 8-12 years. I’m an author who writes mostly for children, (although this is changing as the number of children’s magazines decreases) and so I sometimes read books written for that demographic.

Finished The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars , by Dava Sobel, which was interesting.

Now I’m reading Wicked Witch Murder, a cozy mystery by Leslie Meier.

I finished Horrid over the weekend, and awarded it the rare five-star rating over at Goodreads.
That doesn’t mean it was the best darn book I ever read, far from it, but it was exactly what I wanted at this time. It was a perfect story to read in October. Saturday night I woke up in the wee hours and just lay there thinking about it, trying to figure out what was going on. I had some mixed feelings about the ending, but enjoyed the journey so much. Thank you, Katrina Leno!

I started this morning on The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke, a YA novel about witches. I’m on page 48 but I think our lives are going in different directions and I just don’t see a future for us together.

I finished the Longmire novel. I think it’s time for him to be retired from literature.

Started #1 in the Spenser series, which I’ve never read.

Finished Wicked Witch Murder by Leslie Meier. Not recommended.

Now I’m reading Endangered Words: A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers, by Simon Hertnon.

I finished With the Old Breed by EB Sledge about his experiences on Peleliu and Okinawa during WWII in the Pacific. It was interesting to note how they consolidated characters and incidents in the mini-series (The Pacific on HBO) for time or continuity or whatever compared to the source material. Sledge comes off as a very sympathetic narrator, in spite of the racial slurs peppered through the book, but that’s just how it was in 1945. I’m still obsessed with that theater of operation and I continue to consume documentaries all over Prime and YouTube.

Then I started my next Audible freebie - which has nothing to do with warfare. Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life From an Addiction to Film by Patton Oswalt. It’s about his years long addiction to watching movies - cult, classic, smashes, etc - but peppered with hysterical anecdotes and some quite profound life lessons. It’s a pretty short read/listen though and now I’m stuck until next month until I get another credit so I’ll have to surf the free library.

So, I’m doing the audio-book thing because I’m too weak to throw Twitter away. I was told that discussing audio-books here was completely copacetic, but it does make me feel kind of unclean. Then again, “unclean” is my middle name so whaddayagonnado?

Come on, I’m reading children’s books here. I’m fifty years old!