Khaki Marine Corps dress uniform

In the film Coming Home, Bruce Dern’s character and other Marine officers are repeatedly shown wearing a uniform I have never seen in my life. It looks like the dark green “Service Alpha” uniform, except it is completely khaki. The pants, shirt, jacket, cap, even the tie - everything is all the same khaki color. It looks good! But I sure as hell have never seen any Marine, in person or in a movie, wear this kind of uniform.

What is the name for this uniform? Do Marines still wear it?

The uniform was “dress Khakis” and they are no longer worn

There are still khaki uniforms, but only the shirts. The pants are green as are the covers worn with them. Still pretty sharp for a casual uniform.

The Navy had them, too. Also defunct.

I don’t recall what they were called, but in 1969 we were issued two styles of khaki-colored uniform slacks, one could be laundered, but the dress slacks had to be dry cleaned. In the “summer” months the uniform of the day were either of these. In the “winter” months we shifted to green/wook slacks. All shirts, long or short sleeve, were khaki.

As noted above, things have changed.

They’re back.

Is he wearing … the Executive?

Actually, the Service Dress Khaki uniform has been reintroduced in the U.S. Navy.

Apparently the Navy wanted a summer dress uniform that included a tie. (Summer Whites and the Service Khaki uniform include open collar shirts.)

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Damn! I missed out. Well, it was one less uniform to have to purchase.

FWIW, the Navy is adding Service Dress Khaki, but finally got rid of the Winter Blue uniform.

This makes sense–once I got out of training, I never wore Winter Blues again anyway. In the winter, I always wore Service Dress Blues or the Service Khaki uniform. You could always add a sweater, jacket, and/or peacoat to the Service Khaki uniform if it was cold out.

These winter blues? The ones worn throughout the film The Last Detail?

No, those are Service Dress Blues (for male enlisted personnel). Those are still in use.

Here is a picture of a sailor in Winter Blues. It consisted of a long-sleeve black button-up shirt, black tie (necktabs for females), and black belt and trousers (optional skirt for females), with the headgear either the combination cover, white hat, or an optional black garrison cap.

Officers, Chief Petty Officers, and junior enlisted personnel wore similar uniforms when wearing Winter Blues (with the only major difference being the insignia), unlike the Service Dress Blue uniform, which differs markedly between junior enlisted and Chief Petty Officers/commissioned officers.

That’s the “Gunfighter” uniform, which, along with the summer white version, spent four years in your stand-up locker if you, being in the Navy, actually served on a ship. Then you’d live in your dungarees, or wear your white or blue crackerjacks for ceremonies and quartedeck watches. After four years you might rotate to shore duty and have need to wear your office uniform, but at that point the majority of guys had had enough and didn’t re-enlist.

I served on a submarine as a junior officer. We didn’t have a whole lot of storage. The only uniforms I had onboard were Working Khakis, coveralls, and a set of Service Dress Blues. Being a JO, I shared a locker, but I did have my own rack, at least.

I kept the rest of my uniforms in my apartment, which is the place for which I paid rent to simply store all of my stuff, because I sure didn’t spend much time there.

IIRC, the Gunfighter/Johnny Cash and white ice cream man uniforms came in when Zumwalt was CNO and making egalitarian reforms post-Vietnam. He let the senior enlisted wear beards, and got rid of the cracker jack uniform, replacing it with the the same basic pattern uniform for everyone from enlisted through officer.

Later, the cracker jack was returned (why? traditionalism under Reagan, or because moms and horny girls though it looked cute), but they kept the service dress uniforms. So sailors had blue and white dress uniforms, a white and blue (black) office uniform, a daily working uniform (khaki for chiefs and zeroes; blue denim for enlisted; and poopy suits for you bubbleheads). That was five different uniforms, not counting the peacoat, short black jacket, long raincoat, and the colored sweaters if you were in aviation. (and also stuffed in your duffle bag were civillian clothes to wear on liberty so you wouldn’t be beaten up by townies.) More uniforms than a Austro-Hungarian field marshal.

The all khaki uniform looks pretty sharp. :cool:

Ignorant question… seeing as how all I know about the US Navy comes from some old WWII movies and NCIS…

What is the all blue camouflage patterned outfit? (And why is it camouflaged… it would only seem to be useful for hiding in water). :slight_smile:

It’s to hide stains and spots of paint.


Cool, thank you! :slight_smile:

Specifically, they must have figured that as it stood, you could not dress those up quickly to business-suit level on short notice by simply throwing on a coat and tie (going from officer’s summer white to service dress white --business-suit equivalent-- means replacing the short sleeve shirt with the choker-collar tunic), which other services could with their summer class Bs.

While they were at it the Navy went and also redid a “service uniform” for the ratings below chief: khaki shirt, black pants, black garrison cap, collar rate pins, year-round. So now everybody has khaki shirts in the bag (The competition was between that and a hazegray shirt with sleeve rating badge; they must have figured they might as well go for economy of scale).

Right. Also, the open-collar short-sleeve Summer White uniform looks sharp, but is really too casual, and the Service Dress (choker) White uniform is generally too formal. It looks best if you go whole hog with the sword and large medals (which turns it into Full Dress Whites). It’s also extremely uncomfortable, especially if you have a short neck.

I guess. I’m still trying to wrap my head around junior enlisted wearing khaki shirts.

Apparently I’m not the only one.