Khaki Shorts and Docksiders

The other night, I went over to a local club. As I got out of the car, I glanced down at myself and checked out my outfit. I was wearing khaki shorts, docksiders and a navy tee. I thought to myself, “do I look OK in this?” And I realized that I was born to wear this outfit.

I was dressed as an upper-middle class suburban. My parents struggled all their lives to let me wear those Docksiders. They worked long hours, gave up vacations and scrimped to pay for their education to get out of the city and live in a place where people wore khaki shorts.

I walked into the club confidentally.



Sua, we are brothers.

I would never wear shorts. But I’ve worn docksiders exclusively for over 20 years. Only job interviews and my wedding got me out of them. You should see how tough my feet are these days.

Hell, we had 6 inches of snow today and I still wore them to work. No damn socks, either.

People who wear socks just don’t understand.


Sua, I am proud to work with you yet have no idea what you are talking about.

Yet, you know where I live and this somehow deminishes the affect.

BUT, I know where you are, or where you might be so …
Wait, do I foresee the Vesini argument begining?

Sua, your outfit shows an appalling lack of taste!

Not Docksiders, only genuine Sperry Topsiders. Docks are just cheap imitation boatshoes, but
Tops are the real thing.

Great, it’s the early 80’s all over again!


Sua, you make me chuckle. :slight_smile:

Crap. You beat me to it, Bill. As punishment, I’m gonna tell everyone your excellent childhood nickname from our days on Fiesta…

Naw, I wouldn’t doo that to you.

Baby, you started a MPSIMS thread! Should I call the paramedics?


Another outsider. Khaki’s and docks never left. In the early 80s, it became popular for the proletariat to wear the outfit. They couldn’t pull it off, and moved on to leg warmers.


Are you going to get some sort of linen sport jacket and push up the sleeves?
How were the other men in the club dressed?

Please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

I’m not being sarcastic about the fact that khakis and topsiders have remained a constant staple among certain circles. The rest was intended to be humorous.