Kick a state out of the Union.

Then again, if you lopped off Maine the only people who would even notice is a few people in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

As a fellow Californian, I endorse this position.

I’m not too worried about the water war, though. They’ll gladly share if they want to keep eating things like fruits and vegetables…

Kansas. Of course, they’d keep denying it ever happened.

Sorry. Can’t kick out family.

Can ignore them, never visit them, wish they’d go away, stop responding to their calls, consider them dead to you, etc.

But they’re still family.

My ancestors shed blood to keep Texas and others a state. No way I’m gonna try to get rid of any of them now.

[sub]and this nawthun boy has had lots of good times in Texas[/sub]

“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell”–Gen. Philip Sheridan

Yeah, but he said that before air conditioning was invented.

Or you could live in Lubbock and do both.

In Buffalo of all places. It’s not like we suffered from a lack of natural cold in this area. It’s like somebody in Miami inventing the electric blanket.

What is a “penile” colony? Do you put white guys penises in prison there?

Mississippi. Instant solution to the obesity problem.

Maine. Personal reasons.


Maybe he thinks Oklahomans are a bunch of dicks.

He’d be right, too.

Right. We’ll cut off their supply of water and they’ll cut off our supply of avocados. Let’s see who cracks first.

I voted New York off because:

  1. I hate the Yankees
  2. I hate the Yankees
  3. I hate the Yankees
  4. Manhattan is only a couple of Storms-of-the-Century away from being covered by salt water.
  5. I really hate the Yankees

I said Hawaii because then Canada could adopt it and I could move there with a lot less hassle. :smiley:

I vote for Commiefornia. Rid the country of half the Looney Toons with the stroke of a pen.

Bye bye Masschusets…

Can we choose more than one? Please, there are still a few states I dislike left :wink:

The People’s Republic of Vermont. Really, they were only founded to piss off New York in the first place.

You know, I had to go with Rhode Island. See, sometimes size does matter. No hard feelings, I hope.

Re: Texas-- My experiences visiting the state have been very positive. I hope to get back there again some day. One word of warning though: If you’re a celebrity on a tour bus, you may want to avoid Sierra Blanca.