Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 is coming out Aug. 16 in the U.S. I really enjoyed the first, and am looking forward to the sequel.

Looks like Jim Carrey’s having second thoughts about his role, though:

Scroll to the bottom of that story for a trailer.

Not so excited here. I disliked some of the changes made for the film from the graphic novel

for example, Hit Girl’s rather colorful vocabulary is not consistent with Nick Cage’s Big Daddy. In the graphic novel, Big Daddy had lied about being an ex-cop, and was really a sociopath

I do not have high hopes for a sequel.

So… what does this mean? Is Carrey going to give his pay to charity or something?

He doesn’t have to, obviously, but starring in a film and then going on record about how he doesn’t like it seems like having one’s cake and eat it.

I’m the opposite way. I’m not a big fan of Millar and I find that his work is usually better when other people step in and dampen down his excesses.

According to Carrey, he generally supported the movie when he was making it. He says that after the movie was made, the Newtown shooting changed his views on the way violence is portrayed in entertainment.


Was his face covered in ashes and his clothing rent when he announced it?

Someone should tell Fire Marshall Bill that more kids have died from lack of vaccines than of shootings. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the first one immensely and was stoked when I saw they’re making a sequel. I’ll hopefully be there opening night.

And if Carey doesn’t donate his entire check from the movie to charity then I’ll view him as a hypocrite. I’m sure he’s broken up about it.

I knew/know nothing of the graphic novel it was based on, but I was pleasantly surprised with the first one. Mostly by the ballsiness of the studio to keep it an R-rated adult film with genuine drama instead of watering it down to a pointlessly anemic PG-13 teen action schlock-fest!

You should read Roger Ebert’s review of the first one. He utterly despised it for exactly the same reason I stated above, in that he felt it was inherently a kid’s movie that was extremely, graphically violent.

As far as Carrey’s reservations, heavy sigh… Keep your liberal guilt to yourself mister long time $20 million dollar club member.

When we hate our jobs, no one ever asks us to give back our paychecks. Lots of us have done work we’re not at all proud of. We earned our pay, left and never looked back.

He got paid to work and he worked. And I’m sure he gave something close to his best.

Hypocrisy would be if he now receives any percentage on the profit.

We also don’t give interviews about our moral crises before taking home our whopping huge paychecks.

At least I don’t.

Also, the vast majority of us aren’t wealthy enough to sit at home and only take jobs that we can personally verify pass our rigorous moral standards, with lots of support and discussions with our bosses before we even do a lick of work, meanwhile living it up in million dollar mansions with our series of hot, wealthy (and in this case, insane anti-vaxxer) girlfriends.

Or at least I’m not in that position.

Speak for yourself.

I sit corrected.

BTW, congratulations and commiserations on your attractive but insane girlfriend.

ETA: Oh, and can I borrow a million bucks? Er, my ‘house’ could use a few renovations?

never mind how many kids he’s killed with his anti-vax nonsense.

Controversy is good for opening night. I’m sure Millar is secretly thrilled. That unethical slimeball is purposely building his empire on a pile of bullet-riddled child corpses!

Okay, maybe not the last one.

Is it me, or has Carrey mellowed a lot recently? His films have changed, like Mr Popper’s Penguins, and he’s seemed to become very spiritual (wearing wings at some party). If you look at his Twitter feed, a lot of his tweets are philosophical as well.

Gotta share this: - YouTube

It’s a frequent occurrence when beginning one’s second century on the planet.

This - Millar has some good ideas ruined by his juvenile tastes/humor; he does better when someone steps in.