Kicking soles of feet to stop nosebleeds

When I was in college, I had a classmate who was part Native American. One day I had a bad nosebleed, and he exclaimed, “Oh you have to try this, it’s a Native American remedy” and told me to lie down. He then began kicking the soles of my feet. Surprisingly, the nosebleed stopped very quickly. He commented, isn’t it weird how it works?

So…has anyone else heard of this Native American “thing” before? And how does it work…disrupting blood circulation?

Well two things have happened: 1. You’ve lain down on your back. 2. Someone has gently kicked the soles of your feet.

Which of these two things sounds like it might stop a nose bleed?

Maybe, but I’ve had nosebleeds since early childhood (to the point where a doctor once had to cauterize the nasal lining) and I can’t recall lying down alone having stopped it before.

Did he kick your feet quite in a painful way? Pain can have physiological affects on the body.

Yeah it was quite hard.

Maybe your inner wisdom stepped in and stopped the nosebleed so he would stop kicking the soles of your feet hard.

Good thing you didn’t cut your foot.

Just hope you never get hemorrhoids.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc