KidLit with a rabbit named Maximilian

Does anyone remember a children’s book (probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s) that features a rabbit named Maximilian? This is really gnawing at me, since I have a vague memory of this book from my childhood, and can’t nail it down for a client. It would have been an inexpensive book similar to Little Golden Books. The plotline resembles that of Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

I vaguely recall it. Typing in Maximilian + rabbit into reveals that you are not crazy. It came with a toy rabbit?

found it!

Thank you very much, Scott!

Of course, this isn’t really proof that I am not crazy. :smiley:

I recognise that! (And not from the 1950s :wink: )

I remember a book about a bunny family with the main character named Maxmillion. I received the book from my dad in about 1958 while I was recovering from measles. The pictures in the book were real live bunnies dressed up in people clothing and posed in scenes with small sized surroundings. I have been trying to locate a copy, and if anyone knows the name of the book or the author, please email me:

aegshep is it this?"Three+Little+Bunnies%2C"+by+Ruth+Dixon.

Also I love Scott Plaid’s sig and it’s origin