Kidnapper slammed by karate instructor

I know we have had a thread about how effective the martial arts are in real life situations but couldn’t find it. Here is a case where a would be kidnapper chases his victim into a karate dojo and gets his ass handed to him:


That is funny. I hope it is true.


Reminds me of the incident where someone tried to rob a gun shop and was immediately opened fire upon from multiple directions simultaneously.

And it reminded me of the armed robber that had just held up a bodega. As he was running out the door, he ran smack into the four U.S.M.C. privates that were collecting for the “Toys-4-Tots” program. When the police arrived, they arrested the bleeding perpetrator who somehow managed to break both arms, four ribs and his jaw “falling off a curb”.

I missed this one in the news, so thanks for the OP. Lemme return the favor with this tale: Florida mugger attacks senior who was a kickboxing champ, loses TKO.

As per my M.O., I was innocently trying to buy an orange juice in a convenience store when a man ran it brandishing a handgun. He ran up to the counter and screamed some words, the clerk reached up and grabbed the gun from his hand. The would-be robber runs away. She said she wasn’t thinking, she had 2yo at home and was constantly pulling things from his hand. She guessed that’s what kicked in. Bad thing in the wrong hands. The gun was loaded. I about had a heart attack.
I don’t know how these things always happen to me.

Recent story, would-be criminal disobeys a cardinal rule: Don’t bring a cardboard gun to an MMA fight:

While we’re at it, the thread title reminded me of this video of a karate instructor taking out a pimp after telling him to stop smacking people around.

Damn, one punch! Fists of Death.


Some real bad shit almost happened to me by accident. Was in a liquor store that was attached to a gun shop. Owned by the same people. At the time my Wife was sort of wondering about a firearm for herself (very sort of). Anyway, I mentioned that my wife might be interested in the Lady Smith .38 Special to the liquor store owner. She said "Cool, I have on here in my purse, we sell them next door. She unloaded it and quickly gave it to me to look at. As in, thrust the thing at me and I’m now holding it.

Now, it did not take long to see just how bad the optics of this looks. I’m at the liquor store counter holding a revolver. Dropped the thing like an ebola ridden rat.

You beat me to it, I was going to post that video.

Always hated that video. Since I suspect that the shirtless “gentleman” later took his frustrations out on the woman.:frowning: