Kidney Stones

If any other Dopers have been inflicted with them you now get my pity. I had my attack last night. Pain? Holy $hit People!! I had a case of Gout earlyer this year (ya I’m falling apart) and this pain made me forget all about that! Totally mundain and pointless.MTS

Booker, you have my sympathy. I’ve been battling them for 3 1/2 years now. Little bastards keep coming back. I’ve never had children, but my urologist told me that female patients of his had said that the pain was far worse than bearing their kids. Did yours come out of the blue like mine did?

There is no worse memory in my head than the Kidney Stone I had. It was on a weekend I had really shitty Health insurance, and I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t sit. I just paced around my house for like 46 straight hours until it passed.