Kids and Growth Hormone

So the FDA has decided that it’s perfectly great for Eli Lilly to sell growth hormones to short kids. linkety-link.

Why? Because apparently it’s now a disease to be short.

This saddens and sickens me. If I was living in the US 20 years ago, my parents would have been shooting me up full of hormones without a second thought. I was the shortest kid in my grade until I was 15 years old. Heck, when I left elementary school in grade 6, there were 5 year olds taller than me.

Now this was never a problem with me. I didn’t give a fuck about my height. But it was a huge problem with my “everything’s got to be perfect” mom. She had me get x-rayed and measured for everything to figure out how tall I was going to be, and she was frigging heartbroken when doctors told her I was going to top out at 4’11" if I was lucky.

Never mind what I felt. I was fine with my size. Hell, it was a fucking advantage to be smaller than anyone else when you’ve go to do some things. But if Humatrope was available then, my mother would have been shooting me up against my wishes.

And I would have ended up a giant. Because all those tests? They were wrong, baby. I’m now 5"7" or 5’8". I’m goddamn average height. Yes my brothers are both taller than me, but they also have kidney problems and fat deposits.

Me? I just have problems finding clothes my size, because they’re all sold out.