Kids Going Trick or Treating Without Costumes

And I mean no costume at all. I don’t necessarily expect everyone to have gone all out, but some people put no thought, no effort whatsoever into the thing. Isn’t there something seriously wrong with that?
I’ve been noticing this more and more over the last few years. Is it a recent phenomenon, or has it always gone on?

It has always gone on in my experience, but it seems to be gaining momentum lately. Yes, it is wrong, IMHO.

Those without the slightest trace of a costume oughtn’t get candy. I believe one particularly witty poster came up with the idea of having pre-printed cards marked “Treat” for those who claimed that their outfit ‘was’ their costume.

I’ve seen it for about five years - generally, it’s the poor kids being driven to my neighborhood. I keep sturdy Halloween bags to give out to the ones that hold out a cheap grocery store plastic bag. I have to wonder why their parents couldn’t fashion a costume out of something, though - draw a pumpkin on their face or whatnot, for the love of All Hallow’s Eve!

What about old teenagers in menacing looking gangs trick or treating without costumes? Back home we used to call that sort of thing a mugging.

Well, around here, we call it group therapy!:slight_smile:

I used to do this. I don’t anymore. I don’t put that much effort into costumes anymore, but I like to have at least something.

Doesn’t matter to me whether or not they have costumes. I figure they’re putting in a lot of effort to just walk door-to-door and that’s good enough. I enjoy giving out candy to anyone and keep dog treats for those who come around with their dogs. I assume their parents can’t afford costumes, or their parents couldn’t care less about putting something on them. I blame it on the parents.

HBby - dog treats? Well, that’s very cool of you! I’ve yet to see a group of trick-or-treaters with a dog in my neck of the woods, but I’ll get some canine snacks just in case. Happy Hallow’s Eve, y’all.

Small kids, that’s one thing.

If it’s teenagers, give them a pre-made treat bag.
Filled with tampons.

And I thought Charlie Brown had it bad!

I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be prudent to give out healthy foods to kids without costumes–I suppose apples are out. However, if, as Blonde indicated, these are poor kids, maybe they could stand something a little better than a Snickers bar.

No costume equals no treats at my house. I just give them the evil eye and shut the door.

Just tell the boys: “Good costume! You look almost like a boy.” Reverse genders for the girls.

Shame is such a powerful tool.

I suppose a chocolate chip granola bar would be a little better.

Little kids with no costume still get a handfull of candy or money. Teenagers with no costume get nothing along with a warning that if my cars, bike or home gets messed with because of it, they will be hunted down since I know what they look like because they weren’t smart enough to wear a mask.

I rarely see it here though. Halloween in this area is taken very seriously. In CA though, it was routine and I even had many ADULTS coming by without a costume. It was pretty pathetic.

Ever watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, Earl of Sandwhich?

I’ve never watched the program, but thanks for the link. Any show with an episode entitled “The Shrimp Incident” must have some promise, and seeing as folks who were involved with “Seinfeld” seem to play a major role in it, I may check it out.


Excellent idea! ::shaking with laughter::

We get little kids from poorer neighborhoods whose parents drive them here, but they always have costumes and they are always very polite.

We also get a few teens with borderline “costumes” but they always are quite charming in a self-deprecating sort of way, so I give them some treats. Never had any show up without a least a sketchy attempt at a costume.

So I guess I won’t get to use Guinastasia’s idea! Well, maybe I’ll prepare a few tampon treat bags, just in case. :smiley:

We get a lot of teens that wear their hoodies, and wear sunglasses and put fake blood all over the sweatshirt. I should try Guinastasias suggestion for “special” treat bags. :slight_smile:

I see a lot of the kids from the low cost housing come by, but they at least wear a sheet over their clothes, (a ghost) or a few kids have just a witch hat on, and dress in a black coat, and black pants.

Around my neighborhood, the only ones without costumes are kids who I think are way too old to be going door-to-door. They each get one piece of bubble gum. Kids in costume get a handful of candy.