Kids in the Hall skit

Per my maybe lousy memory:

I remember a scene between a store owner and customer who are having a mild argument (I think). An employee appears from the back room and is immediately criticized by the owner for the interruption, suffers the abuse without saying a word and retreats to the back. The owner and customer switch places and the customer delivers the same diatribe to the employee when he appears again. Anyone remember this?

Thank you in advance!

I’m a KITH geek and it’s not ringing a bell; do you remember who was in the skit between usual castmembers?

No, I can’t remember the two leads and that’s what’s driving me nuts. I just remember the yelling at the poor old man. I wish I could remember his name because it was like “What, Larry?! Why are you bothering me, Larry?! Can’t you see I’m with a customer, Larry?! For God’s sakes, go away Larry!” etc.

I remember the guy yelling at Larry, but not the worker and customer switching places. I think the worker was Mark McKinney, and the customer was Dave Foley.

Not 100% on either of those, though.

I’m certain that the OP is obviously looking for this sketch. David is the shopkeeper, Bruce is the customer, and Murray is the guy who keeps getting yelled at.

Going through the KiTH DVDs, it’s amazing how much was cut out to fit in the the commercials on US TV. So there are a lot of sketches us Murkin fans have never seen.

Thank you Max the Immortal.:slight_smile:

I don’t think I ever saw it but I may have and it left little impression on me. Now, the sketch w/ Mark yelling, “Lopez!” repeatedly and then accidentally burning a guy’s house down, that stuck w/ me.

There’s another where Bruce keeps challenging a bigger guy to a fight. I only remember it because Bruce’s friend (Kevin) keeps encouraging him while sipping on a Big Gulp-type drink.

I’m not familiar with that particular sketch, but the question in the OP made me think of this sketch (“I’m sorry, I’d love to be of assistance to you, but I’m afraid I speak no English.”), not because it’s the correct one, it’s just one of my personal favorites.

Aw man, I wish I’d been online earlier. Could’ve gotten this one answered in about two seconds.

Ask me your KitH questions, bridgekeeper. I am not afraid.

(I believe Murray shows up to get abused in at least two other sketches, possibly the second “Evan” sketch where he sells massive stereo systems, and definitely one of the “It’s a Fact” girl filmed pieces where Murray is her lawyer.)

Possibly my favorite Kids sketch. That, and Dave’s Bad Doctor.

Yay, an excuse to post a link to a KITH sketch that I’ve been thinking about: Lonely Sarcastic Guy

I swear there really are people like this. There’s no other explanation for why they are constantly rude for no reason.

“What a Bad Sketch” (a.k.a. “Screw You Taxpayer”) was my favorite sketch.

That, and “My Pen”.