Kid's toy with suspected lead paint

If you were worried, where would you take the toy to be tested?

If it’s a mass marketed toy (read, Made in China), where online could you go
to ask about it?

It was certain fisher-price toys manufactured in a specific date range.
See here
If you think your child was exposed your doctor can do a simple blood test with same day results.

You can get testers that detect lead paint. I think there’s one that looks like a magic marker, and if it turns a certain color, it’s lead.

Or you can taste it yourself. Lead paint has a pleasant sweet taste, which is why children eat it in the first place. I mean, sure, they eat all kinds of things, but if your paint has the kind of flavor that keeps you coming back for more, it’s probably lead.

If you do taste it yourself, don’t turn eating it into a hobby, especially if you’re still forming your brain. In which case, you shouldn’t be on the Internet unsupervised, either, should you?

Thank you.
I’ll go for the tester. :stuck_out_tongue: