Kidz Bop Must Be Stopped

Kidz Bop, for those who don’t know, is a compilation CD in which they take popular songs, record them using the Kidz Bop Kids as singers (they sound pre-teen) and then marketed the disks heavily on Nick and during kids programming on other channels.

The first problem is with the absolutely cheeriness of kids singing songs about topics way over their heads.

Now they’ve come out with the second release featuring the following songs:
01 Kryptonite
02 Turn Off The Light
03 Shape Of My Heart
04 Hanging By A Moment
05 Fallin’
06 Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)
07 Survivor
08 Follow Me
09 U Remind Me
10 Higher
11 Crazy For This Girl
12 Lucky
13 He Loves U Not
14 Smooth
15 I’m A Believer

I don’t recognize most of these, but did you notice #8? That’s a freakin’ song about an ADULTEROUS AFFAIR the singer is having with a married woman! What the HELL do you think the damned verse

is talking about? Hint: It ain’t the freakin’ One Ring from Lord of the Rings. Several of the others which I have heard also adult themed. WTF!

If you’re going to to make this insipid, uncreative dreck at least make the shit AGE APPROPRIATE you mother-fuckers.

I had a similar album as a kid… 'twas a K-Tel version of the songs from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Of course, there weren’t KIDS singing the songs–only ersatz, never-gonna-make-it bands–but the album was for kids, so it’s kinda the same concept…

I, too, hate the idea. But I’m pretty sure the lyrics are bowdlerized for the children’s protection.

Ach, when I was a kid I listened to Chipmunk Punk. I hate to admit it. I did not understand the lyrics, at all - including the ones about rolling Blondie in designer sheets. I just liked the voices (it pains me to admit, now).

Then again, look at how I turned out.

Every time I scan the thread topics and see this one, I get Poison’s “Unskinny Bop” stuck in my head.

OMG! I had The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles’ Hits! In “Twist and Shout”, they sang “dance all about” instead of “work it on out”. :smiley:

I had Disco Mickey Mouse!

Macho Duck was the best!

{I} Pictures Mickey Mouse with a white suit, half open red shirt, gold medallion, and sideburns having a martini with a duck in a construction uniform with ‘mom’ tattooed on his wing and cracks up *.


But actually, I don’t think that “Follow Me” is about adultery, rather I’ve heard it’s based on heroin addiction, if that makes you feel any better.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious that the little tykes have no clue what they’re saying. If we can get it on tape, what fun we’ll have blackmailing them in say…ten years? :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Kidz Bop rendering of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s classic, Doggystyle.

Or maybe Straight Outta Compton.

Dr. J

In the Rugrats In Paris movie, Angelica sings the song “Bad Girls”, and there was a toy tie-in, a doll that sang it, too, a karaoke-like thing with a microphone so that the little kid could sing along with her.

Uh, do you suppose anyone realized that song was about freaking HOOKERS?!?

How the zarg-flarking wang do you justify that interpretation?

Look at these lyrics and tell me how you interpret them to mean ‘herion junky’, will ya?

Here’s how I parse it:
[li]Ring = wedding ring. Not from the singer.[/li][li][A]s long as no one knows,/then nobody can care = Adultery is usually secret. It isn’t a criminal offense, but it’s grounds for divorce and a large legal battle.[/li][li]You’re feeling guilty = The wife feels guilt over sleeping around.[/li][li]And I’m well aware = that I’m infringing on another man’s nookie.[/li][li]But you don’t look ashamed/And baby I’m not scared = Both lines fit right in with an adultery interpretation.[/li][/ul]
Now, out of curiosity, how can you interpret “Follow Me” as being about heroin addiction? Are we listening to the same wanging song?



Veins…as in heroin goes through one’s veins and makes one feel free.


A threat/reference to being addicted, unable to get off it.

The line about being guilty. As in feeling guilty about being addicted to heroin.

Making a point that when you’re addicted to drugs, you don’t really go anywhere (lose money, etc.)

I can see your version of it, too. I guess it’s one of those times where it can be interpreted either way. I don’t know how Uncle Kracker intended it, but whatever…:slight_smile:

That’s exactly how I interpreted Follow Me as a song about heroin.

And Chipmunk Punk kicks royal ass. Alvin could beat up Henry Rollins any day!

Follow Me discussion taken up here:

Entertainment Weekly had pointed this out, and talked to the producers of the film about it, who mentioned that they changed the lyrics for the film to make it about troublemaking kids-which I think is the type of “bad girl” Angelica is.