Kilborn gives up his talk show

I read in the newspaper today that Craig Kilborn will be wrapping up his tenure hosting “The Late Late Show” within weeks. I guess he was looking for new and exciting ways to show the people of America just how wonderful he thinks he is.

Not that I’m ragging on him … completely, anyway. Part of the reason I watched his show was to marvel at the depths of his self-absorption. He really is very impressed with every single thing he says and does. I’m surprised that he took the step in recent years of having an actual announcer (he had previously done it himself), because that meant that he got to hear the sound of his own voice JUST that much less.

I wonder what’s up next for him? He certainly can’t go back to “The Daily Show,” as Jon Stewart is comfortably snuggled into that job.

I’ll have to catch an episode before he calls it quits. No doubt he is giving himself a moving tribute.

Like with Leno, I didn’t find Kilborn as funny as the competition. I don’t know quite what it is, but there was just something about his show that I routinely didn’t find funny. I’ll take Letterman and Conan over Leno and Kilborn just because the former does something for me.

Pardon the slight hijack, but I’ve been very dissappointed in Jimmy Kimmel’s show. He never should have left The Man Show. He and Adam Corolla were perfect on it, and now one never even hears of Adam Corolla and Kimmel’s show is terrible. What’s up with these guys?

My guess is that, much like Kilborn, when they left the show that made them popular, they also left the writers who made them entertaining.

I read that CBS may offer “The Late Late Show” to Conan O’Brien, with the expectation that he will get Letterman’s show if and when he retires (and the rumor is that he will do so within a few years).

What I hope they don’t do is to offer Kilborn’s show to Jon Stewart, because I like him on The Daily Show.

Yet another excellent point from Miller. :wink:


Interesting. I don’t know if that would benefit him much, but we’ll see.

He just re-signed with The Daily Show for (I think) four more years and a very healthy pile of money, so I doubt he’s going anywhere. I think he realizes that the Daily Show is uniquely suited to him and shows off his talents better than a normal talk show might.

Besides which, he’s already had two other talk shows that weren’t nearly as succesful as DS. He’s found the format that’s best suited to his talents, and I think he knows it.

Adam Carolla still co-hosts Loveline, a nationally syndicated radio show, and he’s a lot funnier on the radio than he’s ever been on TV. I believe he’s a writer for Kimmel’s show, too.

(Nitpick: Carolla is the man’s last name. Corolla is the Japanese compact sedan.)

Thanks. I’d forgotten all about that show being on radio. I haven’t seen or heard anything about it for several years. And if he’s just a writer on Kimmel’s show they need to figure out a way to put him in front of the camera with Kimmel. Those two guys have great chemistry. I thought Carolla was much better and his humor flowed more readily on The Man Show than it did on the television version of Loveline.

Thanks. I had a subliminal feeling I was probably misspelling it. I should have Googled. Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Whaddya hear from Yosemite these days? :smiley:

the dumbest thing Kilborn ever did was leave the Daily Show. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Of course, it was great for the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is better than Kilborn ever thought about being.

I concur in wanting Jon Stewart to stay with the Daily Show. I was skeptical about Stewar when he first took over but now he absolutely owns it. The show got better with Stewart and would not be the same without him.

IIRC, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel also do Crank Yankers.

Which proves they should’ve stuck with the Man Show.

I liked Kilborn. There are two CBS affiliates in my area and one of them runs Kilborn very late, so I can watch Letterman-Conan-Kilborn in a row. I’ve thought Kilborn was funny when he started on ESPN, I didn’t get to see him much on TDS (local cable didn’t get Comedy Central until the end of the 90’s), and I think The Late Late Show is funny. Kilborn’s full of himself act (?) is funny. I also like the Mike Grayson act where “Mike” proclaims that everything sucks and then sings something. Speaking of music, I think the music choices are pretty funny (“Brandy” and the band The Scorpions).

I couldn’t agree with this more. Maybe it’s the 12 year old in me talking, but I think he is downright hysterical.

Well, as a fairly recent immigrant to the United States (a few years) my first exposure to Kilborn was on his talk show. And all i could wonder was what the hell had possessed the network executive who decided to give this guy his own time-slot.

His jokes are lame, his delivery is god-awful, and, as the OP notes, his levels of self-absorption are off the scale. I’ve been led to believe that he was actually pretty good on some of his earlier gigs, but i really have trouble believing that, given how terrible his show is.

In the final analysis, though, i guess those late-might talk shows are little more than thinly-disguised advertising vehicles for stars plugging their latest movies and albums. Even truly funny guys, like Conan O’Brien, sometimes struggle under the burden of that formula.

Actually, it may have been a good idea. He’s pretty one-dimensional and his schtick starts to grate on your after a while, so changing jobs every few years might be the right strategy for him.

Funny, now I can remember when he left the Daily Show, and wondering if Stewart would be able to fill his shoes. Man, did he ever.

In the annals of the Daily Show, Craig Kilborn is Wally Pipp. :wink:

Thank you, Ms. Herbig.

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